Musings — Stuff keeps happening

This whole week, I keep trying to translate. Then stuff happens. Bad excuse, I know. But it’s the truth.

There should be a number of releases out today.

Why am I making this post? Here’s why:

A car was exploded (yes, someone exploded it) across the street from my house a little while ago.




Okay, back to Dragon’s Bloodline…


Update: the smell coming off of the car over there is finally starting to give me a crazy bad headache… geh.

26 thoughts on “Musings — Stuff keeps happening

  1. Its the CDC (Car Dealership Cartel) they blew up the wrong car, remember when you refused to have your car repaired for that “modest” fee? There are sending you a message 😛

    1. Though the burning car lining is probably the cause of the headache. That and the tires and plastics.

    1. It’s easy to find where I live.

      Anyone with even a weekend’s learning and a few hours’ extra time can find most people on the internet, let alone people who make money through it like me.

      I don’t go out of my way to say where I am, but I don’t go too far to hide it, either. Creating a ‘block’ for people that want to find me would just be seen as a challenge to do so, anyways.

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