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Update: Changed the site around a bit. Thoughts? I think the new content background color is much easier on the eyes…

Heya all!

Talked with a representative about an issue I’ve been having on the site (my WordPress toolbar is… missing). Too long, didn’t read: it’s a problem on their end. They’re working on it now. It broke when I spent $299 of the money all you readers give me (either directly or indirectly) on this site to get it upgraded to the Business plan so that I could improve it and possibly, just possibly, have it so that all of my content is posted here and redirected to here from NovelUpdates, rather than the majority redirecting to MoonBunnyCafe.

But as for the reason I’m making this post, I am messing around with the site’s CSS a bit. First thing I did was get the readable area to be somewhat larger on bigger screen sizes (sizes larger than the max size of the white area).

Here’s an example (left new, right old)


I need to figure out how to reduce the side of the sidebar a little next. If anyone knows, that’d be a big help to me. Not sure why, but .sidebar-right is actually the buffer area between the left-hand side of the text and the end of the content area. Hmm. Here’s the current code I’m using:

/* Increase main content width on large screens */
@media screen and (min-width: 1230px) {
  .content-area {
    width: 660px;
  .sidebar-right .content-area {
    margin-left: 0px;

(Dragon’s Bloodline release incoming in ~2 hrs at the current rate)

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