Musings — On the Topic of Forsaken Hero

So the author of Forsaken Hero posted a new life report the other day. It’s pretty short, but it is just saying:

I’m alive.

Recently, my secondary work on Hamelin has been becoming my main, but I think that I’d like to continue working in a my pace way here as well.

Here’s my Hamelin page. If you would, please check it out:


He has begun posting chapters for a new series (loosely translated as): “I was Chosen to be a Demon King but I’m Aiming to be a Hero“. Still no updates on Forsaken Hero, though. As he says, he’s taking a very my pace approach to this and appears to be putting Forsaken Hero on the back burner.

Well then.

I really don’t want to drop a series, but I honestly can’t tell if it’s me dropping it so much as the author at this point. What do you guys think? Should I stop caring about Forsaken Hero? Should I keep waiting, keeping all of you in anticipation as well?

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