Musings — My RSS Feed Broke!

No idea why this happened. Trying to fix it between whenever I translate and my classes, but I hope it doesn’t take too long to fix.


It’s even causing posts to not appear in the WordPress subscribed reader… sigh


9 thoughts on “Musings — My RSS Feed Broke!

  1. When trying to resubscribe your feed in Bamboo Feed Reader it gives the following error (shortened):
    XML Parsing Error: not well formed
    Line 37, Column 115: […]<script async src="//[…]
    And pointing to the // in the above line.

  2. Yeah, not working for me, either. I suspect it has something to do with the Google ads being injected into the RSS.

    Which would explain why some aren’t having an issue. The readers that ignore the ads will continue to parse the feed, whereas the stricter parsers are choking and dying. I guess this includes the WordPress official reader. This also includes my reader, it just took me a week to notice the feed broke.

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