Musings – LDM v4 Specials

Heya everyone!

So I just found out that there are multiple specials that came out with the new LDM physical copies.

If anyone has access to these extras, scans of these extras, or knows someone that has either, please! PLEASE get in contact with me! Comment below, DM me on Discord, e-mail, anythiiiing~! I really want to translate these and get the images posted for everyone!

Country-wide chain stores come with a 4-page SS, “Kehma and the Field Goblins”.×1085.jpg


WonderGOO comes with a special post card (we already have this image from the LN itself, but with text on it)×517.jpg


Melon Books comes with a book cover drawn for a SS named “The Saintess’ Daily Life (Holy Kingdom Edition)×310.jpg


Toranoana comes with a 4 page leaflet, “A Certain Rat-Type Beaskin’s Surefire Way to Win the Rat Race”. (We already have this image, but again, the one we have is covered up by extra text on the bottom)×1090.jpg

Here’s my attempt using this to try and clean up the illustration from the LN… unfortunately, the image isn’t quite large enough and I don’t have enough time to try and fix the color skewing. If anyone’s up for trying to finish it for me, that’d be AWESOME!

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Gamers comes with a book cover drawn by Youta-sensei×300.jpg


Animate comes with a newly made SS named “Behind the Scenes of the Rat Race”×543.jpg

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