9 thoughts on “Musings — I’m a Dolt

  1. Man… and here I thought you were awakening to shame play… it’s okay Ziru you can stay a closet pervert with the rest of the seventy percent of people! (-:

  2. …. don’t rush it, your grade are much more precious than you think….

    I can say it for sure because I have walked into that path of carnage, don’t be like me…. you will have less time for fun than you imagine.

  3. If you’re busy with a midterm and finals, then push off the translation. As much as we appreciate everything you do, your life is way more important. Seriously, thanks for all your hard work. And do whatever you have to to take care of yourself!

  4. Aye your studies and mental sanity both come first so take care of yourself and deal with the chapters when you have the time 🙂
    Good luck on exams etc.

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