Musings — ICO Illustrations

Hey all! Dropping in to let everyone know that I posted translated versions of the ICO Volume 3 illustrations as well as not-yet-cleaned/typeset Volume 5 images. Since I get my ebooks from BookLive, a service that does not provide the epub itself, I have to use a roundabout way to extract the images and they turn out a little less ‘good looking’, so I’m currently waiting for higher quality images from volume 5 before I do that.

Also, since MoonBunnyCafe has a feature to hide areas (like a spoiler tag), I’ve decided to include the in-text illustrations that I generally keep reserved for release posts in the illustration pages there. That way, people who don’t want to be spoiled won’t accidentally see the image without wanting to! ^^

I’ll be adding the in-text images of my other translations to MoonBunnyCafe over the course of this weekend, so yeah.


(~’.’)~ ICO v3 Illustration Page ~(‘.’~)

(~’.’)~ ICO v5 Illustration Page ~(‘.’~)

(~’.’)~ MoonBunnyCafe ICO v5 Illustration Page ~(‘.’~)

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