Musings — But where is GCR?

(Other than the fact that I played For Honor for ~2 hours yesterday…)

I’m stumped on a few lines and am having trouble moving forward in translating the chapter. In addition, I’ve just found the past two or so parts for GCR to have generally complicated sentence structures, which hasn’t helped. So again, sorry for the slow progress. I’m spending time on it—about 5 cumulative hours in so far with only half complete—just nothing to show you guys yet! Unfortunately, I also don’t particularly want to slow down in Lazy Dungeon Master releases, so I’ve been taking breaks from GCR each time I run into a troublesome line to ‘refresh’ my brain.

LDM is much more simple to work on… (~’.’)~

Thanks for your patience.

PS: Someone pointed out that I had a pretty massive misunderstanding in Lazy Dungeon Master Ch 137.

[Called, by boss.]

Particular about that point, Rin didn’t yield.

[… Y-your boss comes from outside of this dungeon?]

Changed to

[Call, me boss.]

Particular about that point, Rin didn’t yield.

[… B-boss comes from outside of this dungeon?]

Misunderstood what Rin said in the first line (親分、よべ -> Boss, call) as “Boss called” instead of “Call me boss”. Yeah. The woes of a translator when there’s an overly terse character!

Do note that Rin itself does have a boss—that is, the person who trained it—it just wasn’t talking about them at this exact moment.

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  1. Oh damn, that’s a pretty big difference. Well, guess the mysterious character that was supposed to be Rin’s boss doesn’t exist.

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