Musings — And Then Disaster Struck

Been talking about this in our discord server, but it looks like I’m going to be behind in releases again this week. Heading to the housing office in a few hours (it’s currently 3 am…) to fight this ridiculous crap I found in my mailbox yesterday.

A $400 rent increase.

Because of “after reviewing the income and expenses for the property, the owner has notified us that it is necessary to increase your monthly rental rate.” A 40% increase in rent…?




I don’t know what I’m going to do if this goes through. Move? Even the satellite towns around Sacramento are expensive, not to mention the increased commute time for college. A similarly priced house (rent) would be a massive downgrade over the one I’m in right now. I can’t exactly pick up and go to another area either—I finally got into a 4-yr… The only thing I can come up with is not dropping my other part time job even after hitting the stretch Patreon goal, but then I simply won’t have the time to translate the new series during this next semester. Heck, I’m already worrying about whether or not I need to somehow make a chapter stockpile to take from throughout the semester so I have time for my courses. I don’t know, I really don’t.

… With all of this, I’m trying my best to keep you all up to date. I really, really don’t want to blindside anyone and just disappear. If there aren’t any/many chapters out today, this is why. I’ll update this post later with whatever I learn from going to the housing office.


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