Musings — All The Things

I’ve been absent–both in presence and in mind–lately. This post will hopefully shed some light on where I’ve been lately and what I’ll be doing. As usual, bullets incoming to allow for a measure of brevity.

  • No time…!
    • Dad got job recently
      • First time since I was born
      • He has no vehicle
        • I have vehicle, I need vehicle
          • I drive him, ~2 hrs each day total (30 min x4: there, back, there, back)
      • He’s getting vehicle very, very soon
        • Getting my 2 hrs/day back
        • Still have to drive his girlfriend’s kids to/from school (1.5 hrs/day)
          • Reasons I can’t divulge
          • Will be ‘fixed’ in about 2 months
    • Issues with college classes (16 units, required by the EOP program I transferred in through)
      • Worst I’ve done in a semester, ever
      • #feelsbadman
      • No time to do homework even
  • “Figured out” (read as: always knew) I need to continue translating to actually pay rent
    • Making time for it has been… well, it’s been something (read as: nonexistent)
    • Going to translate despite not having time
      • Important: No ICO/GCR until end of semester.
        • Yes, I know I should feel like shit about this. Yes, I feel like shit about this. Just writing this part is making my stomach churn.
          • MG/LDM are simply easier to translate. By far, even. 2-3 times faster on a per-word basis…
        • When winter break hits, so shall a dam of chapters overflow
          • Going to try to get 7 chapters out this week though!
  • Important: (For non-NovelUpdate readers) Got e-mail from the ad plugin devs
    • They said it’s fixed
    • It’s not fixed (WordPress not updating to the newest release grah)
    • Disabling plugin, will figure out wtf later
  • Been sick af the past week
    • No barfing, thankfully
    • Going through 2nd week of midterms with a fever… f*ck
      • 68% on one of my midterms, 49% in another class (on a presentation worth as much as a midterm)
        • Neither teacher cared about my fever, pointing to how the syllabus explicitly stated injury (stuck in hospital) or death in the family as the only reasons for postponing them

… Yeah.

Thanks for the patience, sorry for my everything, and hope you’ve all had a good past few weeks.

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