Musings — A Certain Inumimi’s Name

I’m dying here.


Niku Kuroinu simply sounds better than Meat Blackdog. But mixing languages for Meat Kuroinu is horrid. But Meat Blackdog is wrong. People in the series understand it as Meat[Sex Slave] Kuroinu[Word They Don’t Know]. But her name being Meat is a plot point.

But Kehma and others start calling her Kuro as a shortened name… but Black sounds like wtf.

Grahhhh. I might just switch every reference over to Niku Kuroinu…


… But she’s MEAT.



*sorry for the rant*

PS: Keima is Keima, people mispronounce it in the series as Kehma, with an “eh” sound instead of a strong “a”


26 thoughts on “Musings — A Certain Inumimi’s Name

    1. Just use Meat Blackdog as usual, but when Keima [so is it Keima or Kehma? still confused at this point] call her u can use Kuro, cz nickname not always same with actual name…

      1. This sounds good. It would be weird to change Meat to Niku at this point. The Kuro nickname isn’t a big deal, so I feel like using Meat Blackdog and Kuro is a good compromise.

    1. I mean sure, she’s Niku for me too, but that word instantly brings up exactly what “Meat” does for me since I’m so familiar with Japanese… not all readers are, you know? T_T

  1. I really really like kuroinu a lot more, I’m also pretty sure the name is supposed to be one of those japanese words that doesn’t translate into that world’s language so it kind of makes sense just how Rokuko never got translated. That being said though I’m also a massive weeb and I know what kuroinu means regardless so I guess I’m pretty biased.

    1. Yep! Was a typo that I fixed like 30 seconds after posting. If it showed in your feed as nekomimi… blame wordpress for not updating XD

  2. Meat will always be Meat-chan to me. Black does sound weird, maybe use Blacky/Blackie? Kuro is also fine as a nickname.

  3. I’m fine with Meat Kuroinu with Kuro as a nickname. kuro=black is probably well known enough. it sounds weird with the mix language, but in-story it has the same context of a weird name with hentai subtext(although now it’s more on the 2nd name( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ).
    …also I’ve really gotten attached to Meat. but it’s fine if you do decide to change it to Niku. by then, i suppose Meat could just be a badge for earlier readers even though i only recently marathoned the series XD

  4. i think meat should stay meat because it is a lot easier for readers to understand the meaning. and though meat kuroinu may be strange beacause you are mixing languages, isn’t mixing languages the whole point of the name?

  5. Go with (almost) whatever you want.
    Just not Blacky.

    I have no problems if you decide to go with Meat Kuroinu, Niku Kuroinu or Meat Blackdog.
    I’d say maybe use Kuro as the nickname.

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