Lazy Dungeon Master — Volume 4 Illustrations

Volume 4 came out! Yay!

MinkinSlava was kind enough to provide me with the eBook for HQ images!

As a special treat, here’s an excerpt of a scene between Kehma and Saintess Alka from the Light Novel that does not happen in the Web Novel version:

“In the doctrine of the Light God’s Decree, it states that [People who have should give and spread their wealth], this also means that taking multiple husbands or multiple wives is alright. Ah, but I still haven’t had anyone yet. Kehma-sama is my first you know?”


So a legal harem. Rather, it sounds like the upper part of their doctrine is a bit foul.


“Furthermore, I don’t mind if you take another woman at all. The only dissatisfaction that may come would be from Kehma-sama’s partner… ah, but please stop before taking Demi-Human mistresses, alright? Beastkin in particular. They are excellent as domestic animals or beloved pets, but they are not considered people by the doctrine.”


Looks like this woman doesn’t have a problem with it but beastkin are a no go. It also looks like the Light God’s Decree is a human supremacist movement.


“So then, Kehma-sama. Take your oath…”
“No, I—-”
“And kiss my foot.”


… Maybe I should hear her out?

Alright, go enjoy the images!

(~’.’)~ Volume 4 Illustrations ~(‘.’~)

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