Lazy Dungeon Master — Volume 4 Illustrations

Volume 4 came out! Yay!

MinkinSlava was kind enough to provide me with the eBook for HQ images!

As a special treat, here’s an excerpt of a scene between Kehma and Saintess Alka from the Light Novel that does not happen in the Web Novel version:

“In the doctrine of the Light God’s Decree, it states that [People who have should give and spread their wealth], this also means that taking multiple husbands or multiple wives is alright. Ah, but I still haven’t had anyone yet. Kehma-sama is my first you know?”


So a legal harem. Rather, it sounds like the upper part of their doctrine is a bit foul.


“Furthermore, I don’t mind if you take another woman at all. The only dissatisfaction that may come would be from Kehma-sama’s partner… ah, but please stop before taking Demi-Human mistresses, alright? Beastkin in particular. They are excellent as domestic animals or beloved pets, but they are not considered people by the doctrine.”


Looks like this woman doesn’t have a problem with it but beastkin are a no go. It also looks like the Light God’s Decree is a human supremacist movement.


“So then, Kehma-sama. Take your oath…”
“No, I—-”
“And kiss my foot.”


… Maybe I should hear her out?

Alright, go enjoy the images!

(~’.’)~ Volume 4 Illustrations ~(‘.’~)

25 thoughts on “Lazy Dungeon Master — Volume 4 Illustrations

    1. To think that the Saintess and “that” receptionist were that cute… imagination is not enough huh…
      Ah. Btw in the 2nd to the last image wasn’t it Ichika that talked to the Saintess or something? (Maybe I’m wrong)

      Thnx for the illustrations~ Nanodesu~

    1. Yeah, in hindsight, Kehma should probably give her at least 1 point in attack power. Not being able to peel an orange is just too sad.

  1. Oh man it’s a shame I’ve already read the extra story of the receptionist.

    She is a good material for a waifu, but you know her personality …..

    Thanks Zirus

  2. LOL

    Somehow I expected alka to be packed loli, maybe because of her airheadedness ?
    Also expected lesbo receptionist to look more like fujoshi, less clean i guess ?

    Only gozoh looks close to what i expected.

  3. The WN makes it seem like the plains faction is in charge, despite Keima’s fetish, but the LN images say it’s mountains as far as you can see…how do you keep to a fetish with all this other temptation…?

  4. …woah…the saintess was that formidable? although i already imagined someone like irisviel, dat stocking proposal certainly was quite a twist. i guess due to the fierce competition, rokuko is showing up in her adult form more often?
    thanks so much for these tasty previews^^

  5. Thanks for the Illustrations!!!!!!
    Wow the saintess was that beautiful she have big breast dont have problems with a harem and dont have problems with a fetish, if she didnt follow a racist religion she will be a perfect waifu

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