Lazy Dungeon Master — V2 Illustrations (and stuff)

Hey all!

I just realized that, despite having them for literally months now, I never posted the translated versions of LDM V2’s images…!? Well now. I’ve been working on fixing up random bits and pieces of the site here and my stuff over at Moon Bunny Cafe, so I went and took the time to catch up on a few old things. Unfortunately, it took quite a few hours.

  • Standardized illustration pages (mostly)
  • Decided that I need to translate the one-per-volume [Extra] chapters from the LN, such as “Rokuko is a Hug Pillow” and “Kehma’s Otherworldly Cooking Class”.
  • … Yeah. Finding the full quality versions of the various volume’s images was hard for some reason. They were in random places all over my PC, which is weird since I’m normally fairly strict about organization of my translation stuff…
  • Working on updating the ToC’s chapter list to include all of the new chapters released by the author since I last did it (the raw has 237 chapters now)!


Well, enjoy.

(~’.’)~ Volume 2 Illustrations ~(‘.’~)

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