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Figured everyone might enjoy this. Enjoy!

Danbooru First Popularity Contest Results

And so, it’s time for the popularity contest’s results.
The total number of votes came to 4,433. Thank you so much for the tons of votes! Even if some people re-voted, that’s still a lot!
Well, I’ll be merging characters voted in different clothes and the like into a single entry. For right now, here’s top ten.

1st Place: 841 Votes, Rokuko (Big & Small & Dere)
2nd Place: 788 Votes, Meat ( & Her Socks)
3rd Place: 769 Votes, Author
4th Place: 222 Votes, Kehma
5th Place: 144 Votes, Haku-san
6th Place: 130 Votes, Rei (& Her Panties)
7th Place: 123 Votes, Ichika
8th Place: 107 Votes, Gobusuke
9th Place: 88 Votes, Readers That Chose ‘Author’
10th Place: 82 Votes, Debt Hero Wataru
10th Place: 82 Votes, Receptionist-san (Silia)

As for the rest… yep, there’s a lot of them. Please imagine them from these.

… Man, getting 3rd place… that author guy must be loved~ (Kidding)

Concerning Rokuko getting 1st place, I think I’ll be writing a SS for her. I don’t know when, though.

While we’re at it, the official popularity contest. There’s even a questionnaire.

>>Volume 4 Survey Page<<

(*See bottom for English questionnaire cheat-sheet*)

When you’re answering the questionnaire, you can select your favorite character and second favorite character. You won’t be able to add your own option if it’s not there already, but here’s what the current vote results are from what I asked from the person in charge.

Favorite Character
1st Place: Kehma
2nd Place: Rokuko
3rd Place: Meat
4th Place: Ichika

Second Favorite Character
1st Place: Meat
2nd Place: Rokuko
3rd Place: Kehma
4th Place: Haku

That’s how it is! It’s a wonder that Rokuko is somehow 2nd in both!
What’s even more strange is that Kehma’s taken the top spot.
By the way, there’s only been fifty-five votes so far… so they could change pretty quick.

Furthermore, as you can read the SS I wrote when you answer the questionnaire, please give it a shot if you don’t mind!

Click this image on the page that the above link brings you to:

Prefecture (REQUIRED)

  • Pick one at random… kind of skews their data though… sorry, Overlap.

Age – In numbers (REQUIRED)

Sex – Top = Male, Bottom = Female (REQUIRED)

Please check any and all boxes that match the reason you would buy this book. (REQUIRED)

  • Attracted by the title
  • Fan of the author
  • Drawn to the illustrations
  • Fan of the illustrator
  • Drawn by the wording on the slip
  • Read the outline
  • Because it’s a series
  • Friend recommended it
  • Store benefits were attractive
  • Other

If you chose other, please say why. (NOT REQUIRED)

How was the story of this work? (REQUIRED)

  • Amazing
  • Good
  • Iffy
  • Bad

How were the illustrations of this work? (REQUIRED)

  • Amazing
  • Good
  • Iffy
  • Bad

Where did you learn of this work? (REQUIRED)

  • Front of a bookstore
  • By a leaflet
  • Looking in magazines and stuff
  • Overlap Book’s Official Site
  • Overlap Book’s Twitter
  • Other Internet Media
  • Reviews
  • Other

Please say which store you purchased this work: (REQUIRED)

  • Just choose ‘’ … it’s where I bought the physical copy ._.

Around how many light novels do you purchase monthly? (REQUIRED)

Who is your favorite character? (REQUIRED)

  • Masuda Keima (Kehma)
  • Rokuko
  • Meat
  • Haku
  • Chloe
  • Ichika
  • Silia (Receptionist-san)
  • Ontentoo
  • Redra
  • Rei
  • Kinue
  • Nerune
  • Feni
  • Alka
  • Rin
  • Other

If you chose ‘Other’, please say who (NOT REQUIRED, but here are some alternatives you can copy/paste)

  • Uzoh – ウゾー
  • Muzoh – ムゾー
  • Gozoh – ゴゾー
  • Plume – パルメ
  • Misha – ミーシャ
  • Lyon – リオン
  • Leona – レオナ  (For people that may have google translated their way ahead…)
  • Amelia – アメリア

Who is your second favorite character? & If other (REQUIRED – Same as the above two)

Are you reading “Let’s become a novelist” ? (YES on top, NO on bottom) (REQUIRED)

If you are reading it, please say what drew your attention to it (NOT REQUIRED)

Right now, what Light Novels/Anime/Games/Manga are you keeping up on? (NOT REQUIRED)

Who is your favorite author? (LDM Author = 鬼影スパナ) (NOT REQUIRED)

If you’ve read the book, please leave your opinions on it here. (NOT REQUIRED)

The last one is your email. I don’t recommend giving it. Also, uncheck the tiny check box.

Then press the big button. After that, press the golden button on the next page to submit.

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