Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapters 152-154

Heya everyone.

So I kind of just… didn’t stop translating today.

I was supposed to do homework though. Eh.


(~’.’)~ Read Chapter 152 Here ~(‘.’~)
(~’.’)~ Read Chapter 153 Here ~(‘.’~)
(~’.’)~ Read Chapter 154 Here ~(‘.’~)

And don’t forget to read the newest Receptionist-san Side Story if you haven’t! ^^

14 thoughts on “Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapters 152-154

  1. the fir the chaoters
    it might ssoundsstupid but i think it would be better to post them here before posting them on Moon Bunny C

  2. Thanks for the hard work anyways. Its good to take some time off of that IRL work (unless you have no time left -_- )
    And so, the title should be lazy village master now. He’s literally a village master protecting a precious item which controls the fate of the village (the dungeon core).

  3. thanks for the treat ^_^
    ziru-san did you mean reciptionist-san side story 5?? (or there is another one that I’ve missed.. seems I don’t see it..)

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