Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 251

Heya everyone. Past few weeks have been me getting used to my new heavy workload.

As should be obvious, I simply can’t keep up with the 7ch/wk that my Patreon says. For now until the end of the semester, I’ll be releasing as much as I can without impacting my ability to make it through the semester. If that means some weeks with more than 7, that’s great. It will, however, mean that I won’t reach even 5 more often than not. I do intend to make up for this deficit (as well as what I still need to make up from the end of summer break) after finals. I’ve done it before and can definitely do it again.

Yeah. Enjoy the chapter!

(For those wondering, I’ll edit my Patreon page with more on this tomorrow… and I really hope that the RSS issue is fixed…)


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10 thoughts on “Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 251

  1. I would of thought you would of posted the second part of Chapter 3 for ICO but its your decision then, take care of your health.

  2. You’re going to catch up?
    That’s a tough long road for you. There is about 30+ chapters from before and with only 2 chapters this late into the month, the total could even reach 60 chapters.
    Good luck, I hope you catch up soon.

    1. I’ve done it before. If it’s LDM specifically, I could theoretically get 35 chapters done in a week once winter break hits. Just need to get through the semester first… blah

      (Assuming none of the chapters have mother-of-god-difficult sentences like in GCR or ICO)

  3. Seriously, let me look at this plugin. I doubt you’ll get the ads into your feed as you wanted (because RSS isn’t HTML and rare is the reader that’ll run JavaScript), but I can probably at least get the thing to validate as XML. That will probably get the readers working again.

    1. Seriously, what’s the name of / link for the plugin? If I come up with an easy hack / fix, I’ll let you know

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