Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 215

Heya everyone

Haven’t had too good of a week so far, I’m afraid. Got really bad news (financial). I’ve talked about it quite a lot on my discord server, but long story short our housing assistance went from $700 to $0 for this month and next month so I had to pick up the slack. Just lost $1400 that was going to be used for my tuition fees… And the way I found out about this—my landlord arrived unannounced and gave us a 3 day notice for a 30 day eviction if it didn’t get paid. (Yes, I’m going to be filing a complaint.) As a result, I’ve been going back and forth to the housing assistance place here in Sacramento (SHRA) trying to get it all figured out.

Because of all this, I’m behind this week—that’s practically my theme at this point, isn’t it? Well, as ever, I’ll make sure to catch up.

Hope you’re all having a great week though.


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