Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 213

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First off: I mistranslated something in the previous chapter. The Goblin was waving back at Nerune casually—not just her waving at it. That’s what surprised Setsuna(?) so much.

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As a bonus, I translated a post from Onikage Spanner-sama’s (the author’s) blog that got posted today. It’s related to volume 5’s release… and includes the cover illustration, so be sure to check it out!


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5 thoughts on “Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 213

  1. The surprised line feels like a Wataru one. Setsuna feels like she would just laugh alone Nerune. Wataru is the one that is tasked with protecting the girls as the strongest in the party, after all.

    1. Yeah, probably.

      Just can’t really say for sure since the line doesn’t really have any character-specific habits in it (I think?)

      1. The “のわっ!” (which is an exclamation of surprise and was not in the translated post) just feels like something that Wataru would use more then Setsuna. I can’t really see Setsuna being that surprised by a goblin. Wataru feels like he would be paying more attention to the girls then the surroundings in a dungeon of this level.

        Oh, and it is likely that the goblin decided to run off when they started discussing cutting off his ears for alchemy and then dicing his body to be used as fertilizer. I know I would want to run if someone started chatting about those topics in front of me…

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