Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 210

Heya everyone!

First thing’s first: I still haven’t made this week’s Schedule post. I’ll get to that tomorrow. So, what have I been doing the past two days? Well—!

I began working on and finished something that’s been on my mind for a while now—prerelease Patron chapters. Well, here’s a list to explain it all:

  • Patrons on the Ziru’s Musings Patreon now have access to prereleased chapters of Lazy Dungeon Master!
  • Each Patron tier will receive access to one further prerelease chapter. This will be expanded to include the other series I translate in the future. For example, a $5 Patron currently has access to Chapter 212, with the highest tier having access all the way to Chapter 216!
  • This will not affect my current releases in the least, so don’t worry about losing chapters for a week or anything! I made sure to go extra-crazy in translating LDM the past two days so that there won’t be—*ahem*—any disruptions in the normally programmed schedule. 😉
  • This did, however, require me to change my Patreon account to charge new Patrons up front, rather than only at the start of the following month. Due to that, this is a bit of an awkward timing, as there’s only one more day left in the month… yeah. I placed a WARNING at the end of my Patreon FAQ.


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