Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 202

Hey all~

Some people were interested in why Meat’s last name was Kuroinu rather than Blackdog. My reasoning for this is rather simple:

  1. People understand ‘Niku’ -> ‘Meat’, therefore, to them, her name is ‘Meat’… which we compare to my next point:
  2. People do not understand ‘Kuroinu’ -> ‘Blackdog’,  so therefore, to them, her last name is ‘Kuroinu’ with a nickname of ‘Kuro’.

Some other people were wondering why Meat is worth DP to the dungeon now, where she wasn’t before. This is because, as stated in a chapter recently (I don’t know which, sorry), Keima no longer views Meat as an item (Hug Pillow). He is simply continuing the lie to Rokuko so that she can still enter the Master Room and the like. It wasn’t mentioned until now (if I recall correctly), but at some point, she started being worth DP to the dungeon. That is, unless I horribly misunderstood those two specific lines from the previous chapter… which I don’t believe I did. Yeah.

Going to be working on a chapter of Dragon’s Bloodline next. That means I’ll need to make up 2 chapters from this week (Inside the Cave of Obscenity and The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist) either later this upcoming week or the one following that.


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