Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 2

It’s slightly amusing seeing how indecisive the author was over character personalities back in the beginning.

Example: Kehma goes from using “-ssu” (lazy way of speaking) in the first chapter to never using it again.

For those wondering if I’m actually doing much in editing these… go ahead and read the original version(s) yourself. Yeahhh. (Note: they are available over on MoonBunnyCafe, hidden in spoiler boxes at the end of their respective chapters)

Original: “O-oh, inside this dungeon is… are bandits different from monsters?”
Re-translation: “H-hey, in other words, those bandits inside the dungeon, they’re… monsters? Is that alright?”

This is one of the most enjoyable Japanese series that I’ve ever read. Every few days I see comments about how poor the story is in the beginning, but in truth I think it is just because of how crude my skills were back then. I’m glad to say I’ve improved quite a lot since picking this series up.



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