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I’m thinking about opening up a Patreon.

Not for any specific series, but more as a Patreon for me as a translator. No pseudo paywalls that a few certain novels appear to be doing, just a way for readers to fund my translations in general. What I have in mind is [Money through Patreon] would yield more chapters per amount given than [Money through donations], as they would be funding a nebulous “chapter amount per week” rather than rushing (lol) a specific series’ chapter. That said, I haven’t exactly been punctual when it comes to plowing through my donation queue (thus the lol), so I’m a little torn on that side of things. I still have quite a few things to hammer out first before I could attempt to go with it, though.

Clearing out the current… *checks*… 10 chapters in my queue, for example. I don’t know, what do you guys think? Wait? Go for it now? Never go the Patreon route? I’m really open to suggestions here.

Another issue is that JP series are shorter than CN ones by a huge margin as their market isn’t focused on mass releasing “the same stuff” over and over for a thousand chapters, so funding a single series through Patreon would quickly ‘run out of content’ and fade—by this I mean the same stuff in the same series, at least. There’s definitely an argument to be made that each series is a rehash of others, but that probably applies to stories the world over…

Ah, went a bit off topic there. Yeah. I haven’t decided yet. Feel free to comment!


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12 thoughts on “Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 180

  1. Patreon would mean you have obligations. If you go that route I wouldn’t mind as long as you keep you’re end of the bargain

  2. Clear your queue completely first and… though a little dangerous hold off on the patreon account for a few days to mass translate a few chapters. Then once you have built up a number of these extra chapters open your account and set a donation goal for yourself. Don’t mention what the goal is. But once you hit it just do a megarelease of all your pent up se- … series in celebration of your patreon account. Bleck!

    It’ll encourage people, if you show enthusiasm for receiving donations, to donate further. Or if you’re feeling generous then don’t set a quota and just do a mass release after receiving your first donation.

    This is a tactic I use often to survive day to day life. So I’m sure it’ll work! Bleck! … or don’t do that and just… I dunno finish your queue and open your patreon right away… up to you really. Bleck!

  3. Patreon is a good way to get some funding though I’d recommend clearing your queues first lol it’d make things clear and easi(er) for when you start the patreon.

  4. The decision is entirely up to you i guess. Have to agree that u should clear the current translation queue 1st since patreon is technically the same thing. To be honest it doesnt really change what you’ve been doing with ur donations queue unless u attach a condition to urself.

    On another note the translator Reigokai started his own patreon not to receive donations but to stop a donation thief from stealing and profiting off his trans.

  5. I think a patreon is a good idea, however I don’t think you should add any rewards to it, it’ll get redundant with the donation boxes already there. Instead just have the patreon be there for people who just want to support you, you’ll probably get less out of it but it’ll keep things simple and easy.

  6. I’d say go for it.

    There are probably people who wouldn’t be willing to give lump sum donations but would be happy to give you a little per month.

    You seem to seem to put out chapters pretty consistently so there shouldn’t be a problem.

    You might want to be a little careful about what you promise to give for patron donations though.

  7. I would be fine with putting a few dollars in. It probably won’t be very much. I’m good without any rewards either. I’m not in a hurry for early chapters, I’m fine with waiting for whenever it’s done and released.

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