Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 147

Hey all

Had a friend over all last week so I didn’t get much time to translate (got those two releases out while he was sleeping haha)~! Well, he’s back at his house now so I’m back to translating.

Next on the list for me to do is Inside the Cave of Obscenity. Stay tuned!

Also, for those interested, I post “teaser” pages for LDM for new chapters over on MoonBunnyCafe (giving link for ch148 teaser here). I include easy-to-use links to the various LDM side stories for all you newer readers in case you’ve missed them along with a piece of that next chapter. Still figuring out how much of the chapter I should include in the teaser. Sorry that I don’t post teaser pages here as well, but in all honestly this site’s been bugging out weirdly for me recently. When I go to add/edit pages and posts I have to wait >2 mins before I can do anything, and even then, when I switch between “Visual” and “HTML” format views for text editing, it messes up my formatting… it’s just crazy annoying to have to go through an extra time when I post chapters. Takes long enough that I prefer to instead use that time on just working on another chapter lol.



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