Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 103

Heya everyone

So my landlord walked up to my house unannounced yesterday, giving us a “Pay in 3 days or you are evicted in 30 days”  notice. Turns out my housing assistance (long story) just went to $0 from $700—and they didn’t inform us (apparently it was lost in the mail… is what they say). Did I mention she’s a bitch and literally yelled at my grandma? She refuses to make any sort of arrangement.

Yeah. Things have been hectic. Trying to deal with that. It’ll be fixed by next month—I hope—but I think I just lost $700… that I was planning on using for part of my college tuition…


Hope you’ve all had a much better week than me. =/


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8 thoughts on “Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 103

  1. That sounds really shitty, potentially illegal. Assuming you live in the US I’m gonna suggest you check out r/legaladvice. They see a lot of post about shitty landlords taking advantage of tenants.

      1. I think he meant your landlord need to give you a notice 14 days earlier in addition to the 30 days…

        1. Well, not in California they don’t.

          Source: Went to the housing department about the whole thing.


  2. Forgive me if I don’t understand, but what is housing assistance? Is it some kind of government subsidy?

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