WHAT!? LDM V2 Cover Art!!!! (+ more)

Yay. So much yay.

I wish [Light Novel Culture] was more widespread in western cultures… my wall would be filled with them. Well, if I had the money too I suppose.

You know, for years now I’ve thought that I would be going Computer Science & Business Finance double major once I transfer into a 4-yr university, but recently I’ve been wondering if I shouldn’t just try and go the professional translation route (and still Computer Science. Because love programming)…

I think professional localization requirements on media like light novels would kill me, though. Not being able to include honorifics and things such as ‘itadakimasu’… it just feels weird to me. I do know that the majority of the market companies like Yen Press sell to prefer not having them, though.

I wonder if my desire of wanting to keep those pieces of Japanese culture in English makes me a weabo?


*topic shift*

I just wish I were better at constructing sentences. I can read (with the help of dictionaries) alright, and I’m getting better as time goes on, but I haven’t really improved much at sentence construction itself. One of these days I want to be able to reach out and have a conversation with some of these authors on Syosetu with a solid foundation of being able to say, “Here’s my skills, here’s what I’ve worked on, I’d like to have your support in this,” without looking like a questionable dolt that is just trying to siphon off of their work. Eh, there’s quite a few more reasons as to why the typical Japanese author doesn’t want their work(s) translated, but that’s another story.

Well, hope you’ve all had a good day.

(GCR 2 Ch 1 Pt 1 out later tonight, about 70% done with it right now.)

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