WHAT!? LDM V2 Cover Art!!!! (+ more)

Yay. So much yay.

I wish [Light Novel Culture] was more widespread in western cultures… my wall would be filled with them. Well, if I had the money too I suppose.

You know, for years now I’ve thought that I would be going Computer Science & Business Finance double major once I transfer into a 4-yr university, but recently I’ve been wondering if I shouldn’t just try and go the professional translation route (and still Computer Science. Because love programming)…

I think professional localization requirements on media like light novels would kill me, though. Not being able to include honorifics and things such as ‘itadakimasu’… it just feels weird to me. I do know that the majority of the market companies like Yen Press sell to prefer not having them, though.

I wonder if my desire of wanting to keep those pieces of Japanese culture in English makes me a weabo?


*topic shift*

I just wish I were better at constructing sentences. I can read (with the help of dictionaries) alright, and I’m getting better as time goes on, but I haven’t really improved much at sentence construction itself. One of these days I want to be able to reach out and have a conversation with some of these authors on Syosetu with a solid foundation of being able to say, “Here’s my skills, here’s what I’ve worked on, I’d like to have your support in this,” without looking like a questionable dolt that is just trying to siphon off of their work. Eh, there’s quite a few more reasons as to why the typical Japanese author doesn’t want their work(s) translated, but that’s another story.

Well, hope you’ve all had a good day.

(GCR 2 Ch 1 Pt 1 out later tonight, about 70% done with it right now.)


9 thoughts on “WHAT!? LDM V2 Cover Art!!!! (+ more)

  1. Fun fact is that vol 1 of overlord LN is out to buy. Bought the hardcover today. Oh and the irregular at magic high school vol 1 was also released. Hate how they butchered the name of the series though

    Also first?

  2. My day was ok professionally translating or not is up to you but if you do end up going for it make sure you still have time for fun or just doing what ever you feel like at the moment.

  3. Thanks for the update.

    One of my colleagues (a developer) went to Japan to work as a technical terms translator.
    He’d gone previously as an English teacher.

  4. I read some of the novels on syosetu with the “speak” function on Apple products (Mac/iPhone), this is total guessing in action scenes and some unusual words but works over all. (I don’t know the equivalent for none-Apple devices)
    Based on this and other things I understand of the Japanese language, I think I can follow 40-80% of a Japanese conversation. well I won’t be talking, just listening and maybe answer yes or no.
    I’m sure your Japanese is better than my own, but hearing more may help in improving it.

    🙂 b51015

    PS. Do you know of the app imiwa? (For IOS(Apple)) it’s great.

  5. Engilsh does appropriate a lot of foreign words. “Sayonara” for example.

    It’s also understandable to keep some words to preserve their voices and characterization when they don’t translate well.

  6. Still disgusting like ever this charadesign of rokuko…i refuse to buy something with a cover so ugly,give me chills 🙁

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