Updated LDM Chapter List (+more)

I did a thing! It’s as the title says.

Updated the current chapter list in the LDM toc for those interested.

The raw is up to 173 chapters ^^

… waiting for someone when they tell you to rush is a bit… *sigh*


There’s also the Guild Receptionist-san side stories I haven’t talked about lately.

I’m going to look in to see where the first one fits along the timeline. If we’re already at/past that point, the first part of it will be the guaranteed LDM chapter next week. Note that the first two chapters are REALLY long. They will be split into multiple parts to bring them closer in line with LDM’s usual chapter length.


Have a good day~

12 thoughts on “Updated LDM Chapter List (+more)

    1. It’s more like… they had me drop everything I was doing THAT INSTANT to do something for them.

      Then have so far had me wait an hour.

      Like, da fudge beef!

      1. Oh wow. So it was someone else that was doing that. Unless it was a doctor or something equally important, I can’t see myself waiting an hour for someone. Even if they were someone that was very attractive >.>

  1. Looking at the chapter names, it seem to be getting interesting 🙂 Btw, how the romance playes out in GR?
    Is it yuri or is there even romance in the story to begin with?

    Interested to starting it, but still not interested in the possible “gay” relation ship. I rather not read story with romance like that :/

    1. Closer to yuri. No romance focus, though there are undertones once or twice. Adorable slice of life.

      MC prefers women. Doesn’t like men.

      1. Thanks 🙂 I’m big fan of the Slice of Life genre in general and yuri vibe only makes it greater.

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