Update by Forsaken Hero’s Author, Yuuto Ran

Here’s a loosely translated update post from the author on 6/3 that can be found here.

[Life Report] Slump


Good morning. Good evening. Yuuto Ran here.


It’s as the title says.
I’m in a slump.


I’ve fell into them before, but it’s awful this time.
I’m generally writing trash, it usually fixes itself by writing trash though.


As for the reason, it’s probably a lack of motivation?
Losing motivation is the same as losing time to write, you know?


Right now I’m not writing many words, and everyday I keep reading about everyone’s progress in writing.


I apologize to the people who usually comment and let me know their impression. I’m sorry for you all taking the trouble to send me messages of your concern.
Since I’ve been keeping at it in order to somehow struggle and reach the conclusion, when I take a peek at them, it makes me very happy.


Sometimes, since I decide to contribute to life reports to show that I’m still alive instead of short stories or short publications, it would make me very happy if you thought something like: [Oh, that guy’s still alive huh?].


Well then.

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