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<insert exasperated explanation on how Ziru was supposed to have had a lot of time last week but didn’t actually>




I just woke up, ~3AM on a Sunday thinking it was going to be Saturday. So yeah, that happened. Where did the week go!?


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    1. Lmao. Real talk — I don’t do [recreational] drugs. Don’t smoke, don’t drink (maybe like once every other month), don’t do any crap. I barely even ever take migraine medicine despite getting ones that leave me writhing in bed…

      Just been a crazy busy week.

  1. I was having a slightly-worse-than-average Thursday a few months ago until halfway through the day I was told that it was actually Tuesday.
    I know your pain.

  2. Well TLing is your hobby that you enjoy. It’s okay to allow yourself breaks and allowances then jump right back in later. We guarantee that those of us leechers who currently lack *cough* funds are more than happy to wait a week or two for someone who usually uploads fairly consistently….

    oh no! I sounded sincere and out of character! Uhh…
    Let’s do the time warp again! Bleck!
    *runs away*

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