Hey guys.

Mainly been doing homework recently. Spring break is here at least!

Planning on going into a release frenzy in a day or two here. Working a little on GCR right now. I’ll post some more info about how the week will go on Sunday.

Have a weird sleep schedule right now due to a homework crisis, so it might come out at a weird hour.


Now for the LIFE RANT section this post.

(It’s mandatory)

AFK fishing in Black Desert is relaxing. Keeps me sane while dealing with this sadist teacher of mine…

If anyone’s interested, here’s something that took me way too long to do:

  1. Teacher gave design document for linked list (array-based, single links).
  2. We must make it pointer-based.
  3. We must make a Stack and Queue that inherits from it.
  4. Then, we must make them all generic (no templates)
  5. Then, we must stub-test every function we created (images included).
  6. Turn it in, etc.

Maybe I should mention that let alone generic, I was never even taught what templates were nor how to use them in the course directly proceeding this one…? He refuses to talk about them now as well, saying that we should know by now and that we were jipped by the other professors we had. And now over spring break we must use those same classes to create a parsing program that can read and answer something like this: y = (2+5)/(3*4) …


… egh. I know that everyone has homework and it’s hard for everyone, but yeah. Just egh.

Anyone else have some ‘fun’ homework assigned recently? Feel free to share and let the rest of us know your pain as well~


Oh, and someone keyed my car. Yeah that’s a thing that happened. =|

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      1. I was like, hmm this happens often. Then i read the ending. Really sad story xc.
        Hope you can some how sort life out lol

  1. The parser is harder, but still not too bad, it’s just a recursive eval function. If you need any help at all I can offer you some.

    Either way good luck with the crappy prof it sounds hard on you.

    1. TBH saying that “it’s just a recursive eval function” is horrible advice. It really gives no helpful information in the approach at all and is a over simplified approach to the solution.

      This is actually a pretty common assignment for the data structure course since it deals with queue and stacks at the same and it show how a expression is evaluated from a bottom up approach.

      So the input expression is consider “infix” and what you want to do is convert it to “postfix”. If you store the “postfix” expression as tokens in a queue, you can start removing them into a stack to do the calculation. You can google it for a more detail explanation but this link should get you started ( Doing the calculation isn’t that hard once you get the conversion from infix to postfix out of the way.

      What you should consider is, can a value that your evaluating be negative? It doesn’t really make the problem that much more difficult, just something you should consider early since it’ll be easier if you handling that during parsing instead of during the calculation.

      1. Oh yeah this might be too complex, but if you want to go really advance in the parser, you can do a regular expression in a finite state machine. That’s how compilers usually parse code during the syntax analyzer phase. That’s something you’ll learn in a compiler class.

        1. It’s oversimplification because the post wasn’t meant to explain parsers.. trust me I’ve taken compilers, I’ve even written one. If you want to go into top-down (eg LL(k)) or bottom-up(eg LR(k)), lexers, semantics, grammars, etc.. that would be pointless and too long for a post, if there is something specific to give pointers on, then I might be able to. Otherwise, it’s better to let him use his own class notes/resources.

  2. Well had ine time when we were suposed to make and fix networking for smallish enterprise. Three different physical locations 10 pc each with local server, central hub with server and some added extra to make things intresting. Not so hard unless one needs to use virtual images made around decade earlier. The whole thing just refused to work without making some fun little “fixes”. Would have been faster to just reinstall all and be done with it but nope.

  3. well~ i feel you your pain (used to do those stuff) and for bdo~ ive been trying to find some hot spot ( golden fishing spot) and go afk like always

  4. Hm, strange how you’d jump from creating a linked list (standard exercise, trivial really) straight to creating a compiler with integrated execution—which is one of the most advanced exercises I faced during my CS Bachelor. Granted, we used a C-like Turing complete grammar, but we didn’t have to execute the “assembler” we created.

    Also, assuming you’re using C++, how you’d create generic code without using templates is beyond me.

    1. First, I’d like to say I don’t know how he wanted us to do it either. I went to the tutors at my college for help on the matter and they just scratched their heads and said they couldn’t help.

      In the end I just made it with templates and am going to have to take the hit to my grade from it. =|

      It the parsing program really supposed to be that hard?

      Egh. I hate my teacher now.


        1. That’s C++/CLI, a proprietary extension to C++ to integrate with the Common Language Runtime (AKA .NET Runtime). I very much doubt anyone would teach this. It’s not C++, after all.

  5. Actually I just finished writing a doubly linked list using pointers and templates for school myself. Why does C++ have to make code so much longer than any other language I’ve used before *sigh* well it’s not like I had to…

  6. While I can’t relate to programming, I did have a couple of law professors from hell. The analysis of court cases/statutes had to be exact and if you missed one minor, minor point that the case did not hinge on you failed that assignment. Of course, they could not explain why such a minor point was important or never used in other cases/statutes; it just was in their mind. Let’s just say they had the highest drop rate in the department.

  7. Sorry to hear about your car. And wow that homework. I barely understood it. I would suffer if I was in that class and the teacher didn’t explain it at all.

    1. The majority of the class is falling behind. I’m one of just a few people that managed to complete the assignment… Yeahhhh

        1. At this point I’m more holding on to the curve for dear life.

          Did I mention that 93% is the cutoff for an A? Egh.

  8. There was a study done that showed that high schoolers should only have up to two hours of homework MAX, and that any more than that actually harms their ability to learn what teachers are trying to teach them.

    P.S. This study also showed that having ANY homework harms elementary, and middle schoolers learning ability.

  9. Just wondering… Why are you asking him about templates when he said not to use them in the assignment?

  10. Statistically you may be able to solve this mystery with a little help from Occam’s Razer. Keying a car is evil. Your proffesor is clearly evil… You get the picture. Now go pour sugar in his gas tank.

  11. Hay, atleast you have spring break to look forward to! Maybe just spray can the key marks, and go out and have a nice dinner to calm down then *escapes reality himself*

  12. I’m here again to comment and read comments to kill time. And about your homework, I left that world long ago(faraway gaze). Soo your car is stolen or just the inside or what?

    1. His poor Ziru5 (reallllllly abstract so I doubt anyone got that) got keyed he says.
      As in someone with the mental age of a pre-pub kid scratched the pain on the sides of his car with something sharp usually keys :3
      Poor ziru XD

  13. I I’m doing nothing related to school over break but I do get to go mountain biking and canoeing (sorry to hear about the car but if you ever find the jerk if you feel like extreme measures slash 3 of his tires so his insurance won’t help him)

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