Hey guys.

Mainly been doing homework recently. Spring break is here at least!

Planning on going into a release frenzy in a day or two here. Working a little on GCR right now. I’ll post some more info about how the week will go on Sunday.

Have a weird sleep schedule right now due to a homework crisis, so it might come out at a weird hour.


Now for the LIFE RANT section this post.

(It’s mandatory)

AFK fishing in Black Desert is relaxing. Keeps me sane while dealing with this sadist teacher of mine…

If anyone’s interested, here’s something that took me way too long to do:

  1. Teacher gave design document for linked list (array-based, single links).
  2. We must make it pointer-based.
  3. We must make a Stack and Queue that inherits from it.
  4. Then, we must make them all generic (no templates)
  5. Then, we must stub-test every function we created (images included).
  6. Turn it in, etc.

Maybe I should mention that let alone generic, I was never even taught what templates were nor how to use them in the course directly proceeding this one…? He refuses to talk about them now as well, saying that we should know by now and that we were jipped by the other professors we had. And now over spring break we must use those same classes to create a parsing program that can read and answer something like this: y = (2+5)/(3*4) …


… egh. I know that everyone has homework and it’s hard for everyone, but yeah. Just egh.

Anyone else have some ‘fun’ homework assigned recently? Feel free to share and let the rest of us know your pain as well~


Oh, and someone keyed my car. Yeah that’s a thing that happened. =|
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