The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist v2 — Ch 1 Pt 4

So, an update in the drama that is my life: as I was translating this part, my grandma started having chest/lung pain and had to take the ambulance(fire truck for some reason? Wtf Sacramento?) to the hospital. Yeah. Need to pick up my dog’s ashes tomorrow… went with cremation. Yeah.

An update on my translations in general: might not finish my schedule this week. Again. That’s what I get for being optimistic I suppose. It’s just been hard getting the urge to translate when bad news has been bombarding me recently. Well, I’m still here though.

*lets out a breath*



(~’.’)~ Read Part Here ~(‘.’~)

Random thought: Coming up with the next [Gebril Age] thing has been hard. I have a few ideas, but haven’t decided to give ’em the go-ahead. Why is Samuel Lawski getting so little love!? Those are just snippets of what are longer tales that me being lazy has nothing to do with not being posted!


12 thoughts on “The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist v2 — Ch 1 Pt 4

  1. You have been having a tough month… Hope your Grandma recovers soon & things settle down.

  2. Damn when it rains it pours as the saying goes. Hope it is nothing serious and if you need time go ahead and take it.

  3. best wishes for your grandmother and condolences about your dog I hope thing start looking u soon.

  4. Thanks for the chapter.

    If you need to take time off or feel you have to slow down your schedule most of us will understand.
    And those who don’t understand are **seholes and should be ignored.

  5. I feel ya Ziru, im sure she’ll be alright. my grandma just got out of the hospital after fainting with those symptoms, now shes ok, complaining a lot about the pain but ok .. people are strong!

  6. We dont care about the schedule right now, Just start when you feel like it, it’s difficult to find your rythm in situations like that, even more if you feel like this is an obligation, so do what you want to do for now. take care of your mental health 🙂

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