The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist v2 — Ch 1 Pt 2


There’s an image in this one. D’ERE’S AN IMAGE! Gah. So cute.

(Woke up at like 6 PM today so the Dragon’s Bloodline chapter will be late, but it’s on its way) Actually, going to make Schedule post now and just call it the new week…


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“Lady Seleth has been shutting herself away in her library quite often these past few days. I do hope she hasn’t forgotten about her promise to bring me along with her to the Lazrith ruins tomorrow. Ever since finding out that that curious stone she wears on her wrist is the basis of her research and that it came from the excavation site, I’ve practically found myself incapable of focusing on my studies! It took so long to finally have her agree!”
Anna Liburi, Student Abroad
644th Cycle of the Gebril Age

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