The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist — Chapter 3 Part 1

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted something for GCR, hasn’t it? October 17, huh.

This is just ~40% of the chapter for now.

Read after the page break if you want info on what’s up.

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Well, my mind just broke a bit when I realized I left my flash drive at school tonight. It had the programming assignment I was working on in class on it. 90% chance I don’t see it tomorrow when I wake up early to try and get it back. Yeah… that along with the essay I have due in… 18? Yeah, 18 hrs from now. Along with that, I can’t work on anything outside of homework for the next few days.

So I definitely decided to post GCR stuff in parts that I feel are nice ‘break’ points, stitching them together on their chapter’s page much the same way I use footnote pointers once I release them. Picked a pretty good breaking part for the chapter and edited/proofread it up to there. Doing this so that maybe I can start releasing chapters parts on a bi/tri-weekly schedule.

Not going to post in actual separate pages. I know it makes it harder on readers, and I apologize for that. This is one thing I won’t yield on though…

Grah grah, grumble grumble. Don’t need to worry/pay too much attention to this part of the post. Just real life being real life. I just needed to vent. Final straw, camel’s back, yadda yadda.

I really liked that flash drive… ;_;

Definitely happy that I’m going to go see Deadpool this weekend.

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