The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist — Chapter 3 Part 1

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted something for GCR, hasn’t it? October 17, huh.

This is just ~40% of the chapter for now.

Read after the page break if you want info on what’s up.

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Well, my mind just broke a bit when I realized I left my flash drive at school tonight. It had the programming assignment I was working on in class on it. 90% chance I don’t see it tomorrow when I wake up early to try and get it back. Yeah… that along with the essay I have due in… 18? Yeah, 18 hrs from now. Along with that, I can’t work on anything outside of homework for the next few days.

So I definitely decided to post GCR stuff in parts that I feel are nice ‘break’ points, stitching them together on their chapter’s page much the same way I use footnote pointers once I release them. Picked a pretty good breaking part for the chapter and edited/proofread it up to there. Doing this so that maybe I can start releasing chapters parts on a bi/tri-weekly schedule.

Not going to post in actual separate pages. I know it makes it harder on readers, and I apologize for that. This is one thing I won’t yield on though…

Grah grah, grumble grumble. Don’t need to worry/pay too much attention to this part of the post. Just real life being real life. I just needed to vent. Final straw, camel’s back, yadda yadda.

I really liked that flash drive… ;_;

Definitely happy that I’m going to go see Deadpool this weekend.

21 thoughts on “The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist — Chapter 3 Part 1

      1. Welp, you have gone to the point where you care more about the flash drive rather than your grades
        Thanks anyways

  1. *hugs awkwardly* There, there. I’m sure you’ll like your new flash drive just as much. The SanDisk Ultra Fit is a pretty good one, if you’re already looking for a replacement. The fact that you can get 128 GB for $30 (Amazon) is astounding…I still remember when it cost that much for 128 MB.

    Although no one really steals flash drives at my school, so maybe it’ll still be there? I think it’s partially because people are afraid of viruses. Of course, it really depends on if you left it at a specialized area (i.e. swipe access lab) or somewhere out in the open.

    I definitely feel your pain with the homework, though. I have tons of stuff due today. Tons of it ;_; A formal lab report as well as an informal lab report that’s already a week late, both due at 11 AM; and a signals & systems homework that’s due at 4 PM. I really shouldn’t be reading this since my lab report is far from done, but I’m waiting for Dunkin Donuts to restock -_-””

  2. Uhh, seeing you treasures ur flash drive so much leaves me bitter, cause.. I have been losing my flash drives for, 5 or more, maybe? Hahahha well, that aside, ganbatte for the assignments and stuffs!
    Me, going to see a bad, smart, and great ass tmr, for sure…

  3. I also lost once a flash drive/MP3 player (well, more like SD card reader/MP3 player that I was using as flash drive) with an assignement in college. What mad me even more mad was that, when I managed to get a hold of the guy in charge of the computer classrooms, they had several other lost flash drives there, just not mine (and the SD card I lost it with had been expensive, plus I had just recently gotten the device back from repairs).

  4. 2 tips for the future:

    1. Use a cheap disposable drive at school

    2. Use a service like Dropbox or Google Drive to keep your work backed up into the cloud and synced with your home PC. This has saved me several times, like when I actually forgot to save a project I worked at home on, to my flash drive. Got to school, was like “Oh crap” but then I just opened my Dropbox and it was all there ready to download. Definitely worth checking out.

  5. If you wil be posting chapters like that, could you either set up the post links to go straight to where the new part begins, or have a link at the top of each chapter to each of the parts?

  6. Not quite sure if this will still be helpful at this point, but if you can’t find it, go ask the cleaners/reception, I’ve forgot mine before and the cleaners kept it safe till the next day.

  7. I know that pain I have lost my flash drive before multiple times as I have the unfortunate tendency to forget to remove it from school computers… Luckily I was able to get it back each time I wish you the best of luck!

  8. Ah, that’s a bummer. Hope you get it back! In my experience, flash drives usually don’t get stolen. I’d say a 60% chance no one bothered touching it, 30% chance someone turned it into the IT department or whoever is in charge of the lab, and only 10% chance of it being stolen in an open computer lab, and better chances if its in a closed computer lab reserved for certain classes.

  9. Ahh.. i get what you mean.. my lecturer borrow my fav flash disk for my work.. and you know its gone, traded with piece of shit old flash disk worth almost half of my old fd

    After that i saved my data on smartphone or laptop haha

  10. Good luck finding the flash drive… I know the feeling when you lose something you like… *my hdd broke 3 days ago with all my favourite anime and pictures Q_Q*

    And like someone already said, you should use dropbox! I started using it in my second year and it’s awesome! Especially those times when you’re stuck on your thesis and want people to see it *rambles rambles* *PTSD from Petroleum Engineering kicking in*

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