Just spent thirteen hours straight working on homework, so I’m tired and am going to keep this short… Didn’t get a Dragon’s Bloodline chapter out last week. Will make it up this week, it’ll just have to wait till after Thursday.


Finals week has arrived.


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  1. thanks for the updates and good luck with the studying… sad part is even after you graduate you still get stuck studying from time to time like me 😉

  2. I’m not even gonna pretend that I speak for all your readers, but I say it’s fine for you to take it easy! True there’s pressure from people donating for extra chapters but really, if you breakdown then instead of slow chapters there’ll be like no chapters so chill XD.

    Sides, your scheme to riches is still in its infancy! *Okay I got lost, I was about to poke fun at how you were slowly turning into kehma but my train of thought became a train wreck so I’ll just leave it at that*.

    Sides pt. II, if anyone thinks you’re slacking, they haven’t read arifureta yet XD + you do have to prioritize your own health + life + who are we to force you to do anything? + *rambles on cause I’m bored XD*

    Sides pt. III, I don’t even think you’ve had to the time to play DS3 yet have you? XD

    Anyways, TL;DR, chill we don’t mind you being a little sloppy. Or rather I don’t. Everyone else better follow suit cause who do you think you are huh? XD

      1. hehe, 2 hours of getting sat on, stomped on, sliced and diced XD.
        Then you meet that samurai dude and all of the sudden you wonder “what is life?” as you watch him fall of the stairs like the hero you are

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