Schedule of the Week — Summer Edition

Note that this schedule is also for next week, due to reasons posted below in Extra Info.

Been mostly brain dead since the end of the semester. Had a friend over for the weekend for the Overwatch launch event theater thing (it was disappointing but still fun). All guaranteed chapters I’ve missed will be added onto the Extra/Donation queue so that I can keep track of them. Not sure how many chapters I can release this week, but it should be enough to make up for it? Well, here’s what I’m hoping I can get out this week:

  1. Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 76
  2. Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 77 (Catch-up)
  3. Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 78 (Extra)
  4. Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 61
  5. Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 62 (Catch-up #1)
  6. The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist Chapter Three

Extra Info

The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero

For those of you who haven’t seen my previous schedule posts, I’ll say this again: I am waiting for two things to happen before I continue translating this series.

  1. The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero Chapter IV: Dungeon-The Old Castle of Illusions to be completely released.
  2. Guild’s Cheat Receptionist Vol. 1 to be completely translated.

So until both of those things are met, please wait. If another translator feels I am taking too long and wants to pick up the series, message my email that can be found on my About tab. Don’t worry if no one else picks it up. I haven’t dropped the series, it’s just on… probation? Translating fifteen chapters for ‘nothing’ was a pretty big hit to my motivation and I want to finish GCR first now.

Updated Note: Author’s PC still dead. No new chapters posted on syosetu.

Lazy Dungeon Master

Lazy Dungeon Master has been chugging along recently, and from what I can tell so has its popularity. So that’s awesome. Yep. I love the direction the series has taken these past 2-3 arcs! ^^

Also, Rokuko is pettanko in the WN. In the LN, she has two forms (loli and oppai loli). However, again, this version is not the LN. No boobs on her!

So yeah, there’s now two groups translating LDM from English to another language. That’s so awesome!

  1. Russian:
  2. French:

Final note for LDM: Here’s more info on what a [Silky] is. Just scroll down to the [Silky] entry.

Dragon’s Bloodline

As you’ve probably realized, Dragon’s Bloodline chapters have turned into more sporadic releases lately. This has two main causes:

  1. Lack of time caused by end-of-semester crunch
  2. My personal interest in the series has dwindled.

It’s also become hard to translate recently, the author is using more ‘profound’ sentences and purposely omitting things from dialogue… in a way that doesn’t work in English. At least, not in a way I know how to translate properly. Takes a long time to figure out what’s going on when that happens…

That said, no—I’m not dropping the series. I will continue to release as I’ve been intending. All guaranteed chapters I’ve missed will be caught up!

Also, someone was kind enough to make epubs for volumes 1-4 of this! I’ll be adding the download link to the ToC page later, but here it is for now: Link

The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist

I will be taking next week off of all series that isn’t called “The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist” to finish a certain chapter that’s been long overdue.

I think I’ve decided for sure at this point that I’ll be breaking the chapters into multiple parts. They’ll be somewhere between the size of a Lazy Dungeon Master chapter and a Dragon’s Bloodline chapter, depending on how long the ‘scene’ that’s going on is. Still deciding if I should post them on separate pages or not. Hmm.


14 thoughts on “Schedule of the Week — Summer Edition

  1. Thanks for the update! I, too, have been enjoying the direction LDM has been heading. 😁

    My suggestion for the Cheat Receptionist chapters would be to leave each section in an ordinary post, and then when you have a complete chapter, make a permanent page for it. That will allow people to keep up with it, but make it easier for anyone who reads it (or rereads it 😉) later on.

    On an unrelated note…have you ever noticed how difficult it is to suck whipped cream up through a straw? And yet people insist upon putting it on top of otherwise delicious frozen drinks. It’s so obnoxious… 😠

    1. I like to drink Irish Cream Shakes whenever I go to Red Robin (free birthday burgers… amazing) … the whipped cream on the top is always ignored for me. Just after the shake~

    1. I’ve played a few hours. It’s pretty fun.

      Bastion sitting in turret mode on top of a transport is pretty harsh, though…

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  3. Glad the link I hunted down about Silky was helpful, as I mentioned in the comments on ch 74, almost all google searches returned unrelated links. I knew what they were from Ancient Magus Bride but I was surprised at how hard it was to find a proper site talking about them.

    1. Yeah, silkys aren’t common in English fantasy… I vaguely knew about them, but not really well enough to explain :X

      Thanks for providing the link!

  4. Thanks for linking the epub. In case someone is looking for the other novels of Ziru, they can be found on my wordpress too.

    Playing Overwatch since release too but whats your favourite hero?

    Also thanks for the coming chapter for TGCR, cant wait

    1. Mercy is my favorite; I prefer support roles in fps games since my forte is strategy rather than shooters, though. Usually choose symmetra on location defense because her turrets feel really strong right now. Roadhog for when we already have sufficient support.

  5. Yess, another Mercy player. She is my second most played after Tracer and I love her.

    Forgot to mention that besides the epubs that there are pdfs available for every novel. Also updated LDM to volume 7 yesterday

  6. The problem i had was the fact you rarely put any dragon bloodline chapters so i found it hard to send money sorry

  7. Thank you, I did enjoy reading the Guild’s Cheat Receptionist and Lazy Dungeon Master.
    Looking fwd for moar desu~

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