Schedule of the Week – orz Edition(?)

This schedule is quite late, so it will include both this week’s and next week’s content! I realize that I never finished Dragon’s Bloodline chapters. Not sure how to apologize for that, honestly. Got suuuper interested in LDM’s story and did an extra chapter for it… orz

  1. Lazy Dungeon Master — 55 
  2. Lazy Dungeon Master — 56
  3. Lazy Dungeon Master — 57 (Extra)
  4. Lazy Dungeon Master — 58 (Extra)
  5. Dragon’s Bloodline — 57
  6. Dragon’s Bloodline — 58
  7. Dragon’s Bloodline — 59 (Extra)
  8. Dragon’s Bloodline — 60 (Extra)

Extra Info

The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero

For those of you who haven’t seen my previous schedule posts, I’ll say this again: I am waiting for two things to happen before I continue translating this series.

  1. The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero Chapter IV: Dungeon-The Old Castle of Illusions to be completely released.
  2. Guild’s Cheat Receptionist Vol. 1 to be completely translated.

So until both of those things are met, please wait. If another translator feels I am taking too long and wants to pick up the series, message my email that can be found on my About tab. Don’t worry if no one else picks it up. I haven’t dropped the series, it’s just on… probation? Translating fifteen chapters for ‘nothing’ was a pretty big hit to my motivation and I want to finish GCR first now.

Updated Note: Author’s PC died, no updates for a while from him until later in April according to his blog post.

Lazy Dungeon Master

This story is so good… Keima is awesome.

Oh, and I learned something new last week. アリ = Acceptable. A few chapters ago, I translated it as [Ant]. I need to go back and find which chapter it was. I knew that sentence felt off… egh.

Dragon’s Bloodline


The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist


There’s a definite maybe. That’s all I can say right now.

Extra Extra

The majority of chapters might have to wait until next week. I don’t know exactly how much free time I have.

Spent all of my free time yesterday derping around on Black Desert Online because it got an expansion… yeah. orz

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