Schedule of the Week

As what should be obvious from last month’s tiny release volume, a lot of real life things have been keeping me away from translating as much as I want to. This month should be a little better, but I can’t guarantee my ability to work on the donation queue much until December hits.

  1. Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 122
  2. Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 76 (Maybe?)
  3. The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist 2 — Chapter 1 (Part 9) (Catch-up)
  4. Inside the Cave of Obscenity 2 — Chapter 1 (Part 3)

Extra Info

The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero

Regarding redoing the fourth arc: Author still hasn’t finished the story, his last update being on 3/13.

Read this for more information.

Lazy Dungeon Master


I have no idea if Cent is male or female. The raw says priest clothing rather than miko clothing, though, so I am currently assuming he is male.

Dragon’s Bloodline

It’s been a while since the most recent release, but it’ll have to wait a little longer. Although I might get the chapter out over the weekend, I’m not sure yet.

The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist


Inside the Cave of Obscenity

I-I want to finish the last part of chapter 1 before GCR, so… yeah… *cough*

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