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Definitely missing cold weather… I’m one of those people that would love every day to be a rainy day. Jacket + socks in the house, listening to rain outside with the windows open… I don’t know. Something about getting warm from being cold is one of the best feelings in the world for me.

  1. Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 108
  2. Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 109 (Extra)
  3. Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 68
  4. Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 69 (Catch-Up)
  5. Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 70 (Extra)
  6. Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 71 (Extra)
  7. The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist 2 — Chapter 1 (Part 6)
  8. The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist 2 — Chapter 1 (Part 7) (Catch-Up)
  9. The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist 2 — Chapter 1 (Part 8) (Extra)

Extra Info

The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero

Regarding redoing the fourth arc: Author still hasn’t finished the story, last update was on 3/13.

Read this for more information.

Lazy Dungeon Master

Alright, so the LDM Receptionist-san SS is caught up to current. Note that the author may choose to release another chapter at some point. When he does, I will definitely translate it…!

As a side note, the raws are up to chapter 186 now so that’s cool. Also, not sure where to link to that LDM v2 SS honestly. Should I include it in the Omake section…? orz

Dragon’s Bloodline

After a lot of thought, I’m switching my stance on Dragon’s Bloodline back to ‘definitely continuing’… I really don’t want to drop a series. Reeeeaaaally don’t want to. I’ll learn to like it again! >.<

Also, gave up on avoiding usage of numbers (0123456789…) in this series because holy mother of god is there a lot of large figures thrown around in these chapters now.

It’s a little lacking, but I’m going to consolidate the past month-ish of no releases into a single ‘catch up’ chapter. Yeah. Otherwise I don’t think I’d ever ‘catch up’, lmao.

The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist

Will make up for the missed one last week. Hope everyone hates the branch vice manager as much as me, despite whatever reasons he may have. Don’t mess with Luneville, got it!?

Extra, Extra!

So. Hi. For a while now, people have been asking me about pdf/epub versions of my translations or simply posting links to them in comments. I have a bit to say on this matter, though I’ll keep this short (for now at least):

I do not like epub/pdf/whatever type of reading that takes people off of this site, away from comments. Comments, as I’ve said time and time again, are the main reason I got into translating. I’ve seen what happened to webcomics and manga before and I’m sure you all have as well; when was the last time you dropped by a scanlator’s site to talk about their series or thank them? Is it anywhere near as much as when you read a WN or LN’s translation here or on someone else’s website?

Add on the fact that I commonly (at least once a week) go back to previous releases to revise lines and fix or tweak certain things to flow better for new readers. This should be quite noticeable in Lazy Dungeon Master, I’ve done some pretty extensive changes to the first 30 or so chapters from reader comments in these past two-ish months. If an epub/pdf is made, those updates will be ignored by quite a lot of people…

If it’s a problem about the ease of reading experience, I go out of my way to make sure the ToC is constantly updated, along with Prev/Next chapter links in every new chapter… yeah. I don’t know what else to say. The only possible thing I can think of is when people don’t have internet connection, but really, if you don’t have internet connection I can recommend some incredibly amazing book series written by professional English writers to read instead. *cough* Anything by Brandon Sanderson *cough*

Is it so bad reading on this website?

23 thoughts on “Schedule of the Week

  1. Finally DB is back 😀
    Praise the lord (Ziru)!

    Also. Rainy days FTW! I love sleeping when it rains and walking in rain is also really relaxing for me 🙂

  2. I don’t mind reading on the site, though a lot of times I cut and paste into an RTF so I can read it on my kindle. I still comment here fairly often though.

  3. Although I haven’t been whinging about epubs/pdfs, I think it’s mostly for people who don’t have data whilst having long commutes, or spend lots of time in areas where the wifi is restricted/tracked (eg. work). There, they may not want to, or be able to access the website. I’m guessing the reason is something like that.

    … though I do know someone who says they can’t read unless it’s an epub on an ereader (screen reflection?), but that’s probably a far outlier rather than a typical reason.

    Personally, as for why I often look for pdf’s, I read almost everything on website(s), but always download any available pdf’s regardless for collection’s sake, even though I rarely ever look at any of them in that form. It was my original way of tracking how many I’d read, though I might try using novelupdates instead, given the sheer number of webnovels/translations that exist without.

    I haven’t had any issues about the readability on this website though; it’s all very well-organized.

      1. Promi got it, not everyone has Internet everywhere they go.

        And ziru, do those books have op mc where every challenge they face they can easily overcome with funny lines and references to memes and anime culture/games and cute girls? If so then WTF GIMMI THOSE BOOKS NOW, but if not then its Not really fair to just say “go read a book”.

  4. To be honest, I don’t even like reading on epubs/pdfs since there’s no comments. Seriously! The comments section is always awesome in every site. There are many that made me burst out laughing, some pointed parts where I missed and some theorising stuff. Excluding spoiler comments, they are like mini bonus that increase my enjoyment when reading novel.

    Ps. As long as the chapters are not hard to find, I’m good. Your ToC update quite frequently so I really appreciate that. Thanks 🙂

  5. well if u want to have a true reader’s feel, then u need to read from an epub…..not reading a story at a stretch and opening a fresh web page every time u wanna tune in to a new chapter and the generally absent eye-friendly mode which is a blend of a black background and white/colored text- are just a bunch of disadvantages. as for comments, i am not sure how many people actually feel attracted to reading comments while in the middle of reading a story, at the least i can never get out of the mood amidst my read just to log in to see some comments.
    i always read my stuff at a stretch on my phone (epub) while lying down on the bed, but well…to each his own i guess
    but i do hope that readers always would log in to read from the site

  6. I collect pdfs and epubs for when I’m traveling or for the ability to hand it to someone else to take a look at. They might not have time to go and read it on a website (or inclination) but they would read a pdf and then look for the website to read the new chapters. They are also for when I’m traveling and don’t have net access or just feel like reading older chapters without having to have a browser open. If I’m re-reading I typically don’t re-read the comments as well, I just go through to each chapter one at a time. Only time I go to the comment section is when I notice a typo and want to mention it.

    The other main reason I collect pdfs and epubs is for the off chance that someone decides to license something and sends a letter to the translator asking them to take a series down. There have been a lot of cases when this sort of thing happens, even if the person or group thinks that something is safe because “no one would ever want to publish this series” they can still get hit by a blanket letter by a company that bought all the rights to works by a person or publisher and got that as part of the package.

    I want to have a record of the work that the person/group did translating a series. The fact that its not uncommon for the “official” translators to, either, not understand a joke or not understand the context and mistranslate something is another reason I want to have the fan translated version (SYD anime is a prime example, crunchyroll translators didn’t get ANY of the offcolor jokes and puns that were the backbone of the series). The file versions can’t replace the website for me because, typically, can’t get the newest chapters until many days or weeks after the chapter has been up on the site.

    1. Mm. I’ll probably make ‘eternal’ versions of my translations when I finish a series.

      Sorry for short response. Read through it all, and I agree heavily with official translations messing up a lot of offcolor humor. “Omega good job” -> “Huge props” in NGNL…

      1. I would appreciate that. I’ll collect any versions I find until then though, they all go into subfolders. Storage is so cheap I might as well keep it all.

        The English title of DanMachi still annoys me a little every time I see it.

        English title:
        “Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?”

        Japanese title:
        “Is it wrong to expect an ‘encounter’ in a dungeon?”

        ‘Encounter’ in this case could mean either a monster encounter or a romantic encounter, you should expect monster encounters and might hope for romantic encounters. It also doesn’t mention which side is which, while Bell dreams of saving girls he is constantly being saved by girls, so the roles are reversed and he would be the one being picked up.

        The English title just feels a little sleazy to me, like that was the purpose of going into the dungeon, your main goal, instead of it being a possible side benefit to your quest of exploring and trying to get stronger.

        And don’t mind the short response. Even if it was short it showed that you read and understood what I was trying to say.

        1. Yeah, just working on the DB chapter right now.

          No matter where it is or what it’s about, I read all comments all the way through… Again, that’s the primary reason I translate. I love talking to people about these stories.

          I know that there are edge cases where people can’t feasibly read on my site, but the vast majority would just look up my translations on some aggregator website down the line and download the pdf/epub, never once visiting my site or leaving a comment…

          I don’t know, it’s just a saddening thought. Not like I can stop it, though. Just delay it until I complete a series.

          My main gripe with official translations is that they are more localizations than translations… if I wanted a story without honorifics or obscure Japanese references, I would read more English origin novels!

  7. well you can have all my rain here. we been having flood rain 2 days in a row then rain and storm, then rain and more rain, so the harvest nearly drowned.

    1. We’ve been in something like a ~10 year drought here. California might go into some serious water wars (politically) here in a few more years if it doesn’t change.

      Not like the news talks about it at all though… People too busy keeping up with celebrities -.-

  8. First just wanted to say I love the rain and cold also and completely understand your feelings as I live in California also.

    Second I don’t know why people just don’t save a few chapters of a story to read while they will be out unless there device doesn’t have that option? That is what I always do as when I get home I can just reload and resave the page so it stays up to date with all the comments included.

    Last just wanted to say sorry I don’t comment on your site more as I have been reading a lot on royalroadl. I got frustrated with reading a lot of bad translations and you are one of the few I still read so keep up the amazing work :). Normally I let chapters build up here so that I can binge read them as reading them a chapter at a time I never seem to get the full worth of the chapter as it takes me at least half a chapter to remember what is going on or which story I’m reading.

  9. Winter is the best time also being warm while it’s cold is awesome. I hate reading on here it has black text on a white background and this weird person keeps posting translations wtf is this person even translating for. I 💗 google translate!

  10. Without the comments its only half the fun.
    In case of need the person can just Ctrl+P and print as PDF. Hell I did this with a lot of pages when the fear was there that they would be deleted. To the extent of a year ago I did wget the entire Baka-tsuki page and now I’m making a over 300 link list to keep regularly back ups of some novels on ncode.

    On the side, I hate cold and I hate heat too. With either my skin starts itching and hurting quite a lot.

  11. The only problem is because of the lack of connection at times (or wanting to read on cellphone and not wanting to spend battery on data use). If there was some page that had all the chapters readable in one go (by volumes) as some other sites do, I think it would help with the people wanting an epub/pdf version of it, since the cache memory should be able to save that page for a while, letting one reduce the battery connection.
    At least from my veiwpoint, that would be a good solution to those kind of comments, since that’s what usually happens when I want to read a WN and I need to save battery life as long as I can.

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