Schedule of the Week

My power went out on Friday. It sucked. Didn’t finish any Dragon’s Bloodline extra chapters, unfortunately. Half-finished it though!? … also didn’t work in Unreal Engine, though. Going to be doing that today.

  1. Dragon’s Bloodline — 60
  2. Lazy Dungeon Master — 67
  3. Dragon’s Bloodline — 61 (Extra)
  4. Dragon’s Bloodline — 62 (Extra)
  5. Lazy Dungeon Master — 68 (Extra)
  6. Lazy Dungeon Master — 69 (Extra)

Extra Info

The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero

For those of you who haven’t seen my previous schedule posts, I’ll say this again: I am waiting for two things to happen before I continue translating this series.

  1. The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero Chapter IV: Dungeon-The Old Castle of Illusions to be completely released.
  2. Guild’s Cheat Receptionist Vol. 1 to be completely translated.

So until both of those things are met, please wait. If another translator feels I am taking too long and wants to pick up the series, message my email that can be found on my About tab. Don’t worry if no one else picks it up. I haven’t dropped the series, it’s just on… probation? Translating fifteen chapters for ‘nothing’ was a pretty big hit to my motivation and I want to finish GCR first now.

Updated Note: Author’s PC still dead so far as I know.

Lazy Dungeon Master

Stupimander talks like a very old yakuza boss with a deep voice.
Stupiwife is very sure of herself and says “I” weirdly.

Also… Illustrations! I’ll be adding the album of illustrations to the ToC! You can even find the non-colored ones in their respective chapters as well!

For the lazy:

  1. Chapter 1: Image of Rokuko
  2. Chapter 5: Image of Bandit’s Boss holding pillow
  3. Chapter 17: Image of Meat wearing clothes and clock golem
  4. Chapter 20: Image of Keima and Meat looking at bulletin board
  5. Chapter 29: Image of Haku and Rokuko kissing
  6. Chapter 33: Image of the [Under Construction] sign

Dragon’s Bloodline

Nothing to say here right now~

The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist

My week ended horribly last week, lost a lot of time due to power outage and irl issues.

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