Rokuko is FLOOFY!

Cuteness overload.




Yeah. Lazy Dungeon Master is getting a LN version.

Illustrations! WOO!


(Expect more info on the next schedule post)


39 thoughts on “Rokuko is FLOOFY!

  1. She was that adorable?!?! And they depicted her that dumb?! Well i could actaully imagine it. Years of manga, anime and LNs have given me pretty good imagination. I even sometimes dream about the next one piece episode after having read the said chapter o.0

      1. A Side-chapter(one of the newer chapters 冬の魔物、おこた様 150/151) might have a illustration of that if we’re lucky… A kotatsu gathering of all the characters that are with him(ケーマ). He can feel the feet but can’t see them! The joy and regret are a strange balance.

    1. I always imagined it (and every other dungeon core) to be the side of an adult elephant. I mean it has its own room so it should take up a reasonable amount of space, or so I thought.

    1. ^THIS. My exact thoughts after clicking the link below the image and seeing her on the cover of the LN. After seeing how Rokuko looks like thanks to the illustrator, I can’t find fault with Haku’s affections at all. I’m surprised she’s held out this long without crossing the line yet, that we know of.

  2. cute but somehow with how the WN describe her mentality, i think her as a loli with small chest

  3. I always imagined the core to be more linear in shape, but i must admit she is quite cute though i always had an image similar to another stupid dungeon/demon lord in my mind

  4. Woah rokuko is very diffrent from my imagination. I thought she was a small girl like Lucy from to love ru. Oo that boobs, blonde..

  5. Odd, the illustration doesn’t depict a loli to me, she looks around 14-16ish, especially how apparent her chest seems. — Not to mention, in the 2nd chapter, it referenced that her age closer to 8-12 [quote]”It’s dubious if her age is even two digits, this girl.”

    1. Oppai Loli is a thing.

      That said, character description may have changed a bit between versions.

      THAT said, this drawing is now how she looks on my head

      1. Yeah, I know about Oppai Lolis, but she doesn’t look like a loli, due to proportion (head is about 1/7th of her body), then if you tack on the breasts, just makes it even harder to see her as a loli. — Not to mention how in the first chapter it stated how she didn’t look grown-up (Grown females = mammary glands to me)

        Anyways, I don’t have an image of her in my head, since the description was quite vague: 1st chapter, cute loli in white dress; 2nd, blonde & dubious if age is even 2 digits, and I think that’s where the description ends, (besides that she is a tsun/kuudere)

    1. Behind schedule, but still following what is played. DB is definitely next up. Midterms coming and I had to get an extension for the homework I’m on

  6. Okay, that is way cuter than my heart could possibly handle. (Send help.)

    Rokuko’s idiocy actually gets several times more adorable when I imagine her looking that angelic at the same time. (It also perfectly explains Haku’s behaviour.)

    That said, I wonder how they’ll handle Meat’s introduction in the adaptation…

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