Resuming Tomorrow

The week of heavily playing Black Desert Online is over! Planned on releasing something last week, but–like the time before–homework got in the way… yeah.

Expect a Dragon’s Bloodline chapter tomorrow!



40 thoughts on “Resuming Tomorrow

        1. Ahh.

          You could give VPNs (Virtual Private Network) a shot to get around the IP block! That’s what I did to play the JP servers.

              1. I tried playing with a VPN for a few days… gave up XD. The free vpn service I use kept dc-ing me! But atleast the good part about staying in SEA region is that I get to play PSO2 <3.
                P.s. Nice clipper, you should totally try Archeage! And join the cesspool aka Nazar server XD

  1. What’s the premise to bdo? Also what’s the game play like? What are the class types like? Asking since I’m questioning whether to try it or not. Now with new far cry out, spent past few days riding a saber tooth tiger around throwing spears at people, quite fun, but wondering whether bdo’s worth buying or not depending on it’s style.

    1. Sandbox rather than Themepark
      Action combat (Like Vindictus)
      PvP is the general goal, but I personally love fishing.

      There’s a reason I waited a good year for it while saving money to use the cash shop..!

        1. Cash Shop doesn’t affect character strength. Just cosmetic. Seeing as the game is $30 and no subscription, you should have some extra cash to make your character look how you want.

          It’s a game with the +ing gear system for strength.

          1. So you grind for materials to upgrade your gear and gain skills for levels or something along those lines? What type of classes are there or is it a basic 3-4 classes with variable skills to shape them to your play style?

            1. Decided after seeing your no subscription comment to go ahead and just buy the game, what server are you playing on? Mostly concerned with a good PST server since I live in California myself, don’t want to end up on a server with people who go to bed at around 7-8 right when I’m in the mood to raid which always happens when playing with people in EST.

                1. O.o seriously? Are they NyghtWatch in game? Cause if they are, I was actually invited to the guild but declined because I was fishing all the time and decided to hold off on joining a guild until I hit 45-50. I ended up joining a guild with the top ranked fishers on Velia 1 temporarily for the +fishing speed buff.

                  1. Yeah, NyghtWatch in game due to the Serendia disaster.

                    +Fishing speed from guild doesn’t matter much after the first few days and you hit Skilled 5. Fisherman’s clothes, steel fishing rod, and +1 from guild skill (almost every guild picks this up) maxes you out.

                    1. Im at professional 3 fishing 😀 Also, that particular combo only gets you to +4, I personally use exotic wine to get to +5. And I didn’t realize that every guild picked that up, but anyways, the guildmaster of the guild is also a fisher and he allowed me to join just for the buff without having to contribute and leave anytime I want.

            2. 8 classes, more to come in patches that already exist on the KR version.

              Lots of different playstyles. I recommend looking up a few videos on youtube about it ^^

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