Regarding the LDM Side Stories

In total, there are seven of them. Practically all of them were posted after chapter 120, though most have little to do with the story line.

Posted around the time of:

  • Ch 115: Rokuko’s Melon Roll Review
  • Ch 119: Christmas
  • Ch 121: New Year’s
  • Ch 150: April Fool’s
  • Ch 156: One Year Since Dungeon’s Founding + Book Publication
  • Ch 156: Rabbit Meat Merchant + Omake
  • Ch 156: Tsuia Gatekeeper

The author hosted a Q&A through Ichika’s persona around the release of chapter 96.

Would you guys be interested in getting that translated as LDM’s extra chapter this week? (Note that there’s no story spoilers in it at all)

Poll ends as soon as ch 88 is released.

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