Went to register to Novel Updates and… well, someone took the username Ziru already.

Sad panda.



Anyone else ever try to register for something but decide not to when their handle is already taken?


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  1. well for me… I tried to register at Aho Updates.

    Found that my USERNAME and EMAIL is being used. Tried to reset my password and it says my email is not registered… I was like, what the heck?

  2. Yes. When I first started using the name Zareth, I had it to myself for a good 3-5 years. And then all of a sudden whenever I tried to use Zareth for something, boom, already taken. Never did ever meet the Zareths that were made in game.

    And Silva, it’s called “Aho” updates for a reason I guess :p

  3. 🙁 I rename my self if I can I just add 44 and keep my username and I have never seen anyone with my username when I add 44 to it. I am somewhat tempted to give up on everything and hunt my self down whenever I can’t use it but to find one’s self you can’t eat chicken and cookies.

    Also no MEGA SPARTA CHICKEN is not my username it’s my identity.

  4. Yeah, use this name for so long never have any issue. But in this 3-4 years many have this name on use that I never been there.

    Really hate that.

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