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  1. Sorry to hear and my condolences, how did it happen if you don’t mind me asking, though you don’t have to say if you don’t want to

  2. My condolences. I’ve had to bury two dogs and hold one as they put him down. It’s tough, but even though they don’t live long, life wouldn’t be the same without them.

  3. As someone who has lost 4 dogs during his life so far and i’m only 21, i know how much that hurts 🙁 Losing pets hurst too much.

    And i will most liely lose the 5th in years or 2….

  4. Smile thinking about the times you had together and then cry your eyes out.

    Also my condolences (first time I’ve said that, sorry your the one I say it to)

  5. I’ve lost two cats and buried one… Because in each case, the rear half was missing. Never thought I’d need to worry about coyotes in the suburbs.

    I hope the dog being sick was the bad news you had to deal with, rather than something else on top of this.

  6. Oh damn. I know those words matter little from a stranger, but I’m sorry for your loss. I myself have a beloved mutt, and I simply can not imagine losing her without warning. 🙁

  7. My condolences.

    You get over it. eventually. Eventually. Supposedly.

    I know your pain all too well. I, myself, lost a cat recently and I doubt I’ll ever get over losing her.

  8. I’m sorry Ziru… it’s hard when you lose family like that… And yes I’m aware that it was your dog… still family to me. Loss is not something that one can easily get over… but all I can say is. When you feel the worst, remember… remember the good times, and the fact that your dog loves you. So don’t be sad, smile so your dog can rest in peace.

  9. One of the reason i like cat more than dog is that cat become schrodinger cat before dying…they sensz their death and go far away were no one can see…and so the me of that time can say they’re alive and dead at the same time until i see the corpse=never ….a-and so i can say this part of my soul is still alive even if dead at the same time ….isn’t that great…eh? Why am i crying ? Eh?

    5 of the cat i had(not the type you buy , the nora type ho come to trust you and like you as the time pass until he somehow end up living in your garden and sit on your lap or at the side when they see you sit…the cute lovely type ) that were spirited away….they didn’t die ok..THEY DID’NT *** DIE!

    My apologize i just let out some steam …and my condolences..it must have been hard for you..

  10. Sorry to hear that. As someone who always have at least a dog since childhood I know how it feels.

  11. Sorry to hear that. Tough to lose your dog, no matter how young or old you are. Lost my own Boxer a fair while ago, but it still hurts thinking about it.

    Family is family, regardless of species. Hope you start to feel better soon.

  12. My condolences, I’ve buried 4 dogs, 1 5 year, 1 2 year and 2 just barely a few days old after their mother gave birth to them, and lost 6 total. I know your pain and unfortunately it will last, it will hurt and you never truly get over because there will always be that one thing that will remind you of him/her. I’m crying as i’m writing this, losing a pet is never easy. Just know you will always have the memories you made, and always look back to the good for that will get you through. The only true way to make the passing easy even though it made seem like a dick move is to get a puppy for they will know when you’re sad and will do their best to cheer you up. Just take your time to heal and don’t worry about translating, just find something to keep you occupied and sane.

    May your dog watch over you and protect you.

  13. I feel you man, our dog who was with us for more than 12yrs also just pass away this early summer.

    We cried a lot

  14. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve always wanted a dog, but the knowledge that I would outlive it – and the thought of losing something so incredibly precious – always scared me away. I’m sure your dog had a good life, I hope he/she rests in peace.

  15. I know it´s only a comfort, but don´t think of his death, think as how good a life he had and tresure those days, it´s his memento to you

  16. Sorry for your loss.
    It took me a couple of years before I could invest myself in another pet.

    What breed? How old?

  17. Know the feels, my blind dog that I had since I was 10 died last year. that would make him about 13.

  18. Sad
    Was down for 1 week as i lost my 2 mongolic run mauses ( not sure, litarly translated in german “mongolische renn mause”) my condolences and keep going if you look back after 1 year there will only be good memories (my case) and they will make you smile so cherr up 🙂

  19. Mine died a year and a half ago, a week or so before Christmas. I still miss that guy.

    I hope it was just old age.

  20. Condolences, man…

    Let’s just hope he/she get to puppy heaven quickly and happily…

    Reminds me oh my dog back when I was a child, Whitetail…

  21. I know those feelings, I lost 2 dogs myself.
    Hope (s)he didn’t suffer, and had a peaceful death.
    My condolences.

  22. Sorry to hear about that.. I never had a pet, nor anyone near me have died yet, so I don’t know what you are feeling right now. But.. My condolences, may s(he) chase more cats up there.

  23. Off to doggy heaven where the telephone poles are many and the doggy biscuits are plentiful. May you rest in peaches little puppy. Now. I’m off to a party to cheer myself up.

  24. my condolences
    i know your pain i have also lost the dog i grew up with to cancer
    hope your dog died of old age or at least in peace
    try to cheer up and remember the good times im sure your dog would want it that way
    maybe you get lucky and sth like in my pet is a holy maiden happens (exept loosing the family thing)

  25. Wow, hope you feel better and get the emotional support you need. My vast passed away in my wife’s arms, never got over it. Just tell ppl if you need anything.

  26. My condolences. 😞

    You have had a very bad week. Take time if you need it, we will be here to give you support if you need it.

  27. I know it I woke up one day to hear my cat got ran over during the night and dug the 3 foot deep hole though the clay myself in my back yard to give her a proper barryel which I think she deserved 😢

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