Musings – What’s Up?

Alright, time for another round of [Ziru’s Excuses]!

… In all seriousness though, I’ve been swamped.

  • Been playing catch-up in two classes due to having to redo presentation last week, wasn’t actually able to finish a 6-page paper for my Adv. Writing class on time… -6% course credit right there… more if I don’t get a damned good grade on it. Yay for harsh teachers.
  • Spent(wasted) >5 hrs on trying to get financial aid back, still have to go through another councilor appointment.
  • Homework tsunami
  • Driving dad’s girlfriend’s kids to and from school
  • 3rd time in a month lice popped back up. Pretty sure the 3 kids (that are in my house right now for ‘reasons’) aren’t getting them removed properly from their mom. Zzz.
  • Studying for/dreading midterms that’ll be next week
  • Standard “you have to live by actually working” part time jobs as always


I’ll be doing a single chapter part of [Inside the Cave of Obscenity] (attempting to) this week because it’s tiny and I’d like to get at least SOMETHING out this week. Not sure if I’ll be here at all till late next week because of midterms, though.


I know this probably isn’t the kind of update anyone hoped for, just wanted to let you all know what’s going on. For all of the delays, sorry.

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