Musings — Updates

Bullet List-san, douzo~

  • ICO v4 illustration page is up here! Note that I do not include the in-text images that appear throughout the novel. Those get put in to the releases themselves, so treat the page as you would the start of a book~
  • LDM v3 illustration page is up here! Note that I included all of the illustrations because reasons.
  • Chapter flood is over, though expect a number of Dragon’s Bloodline chapters before Saturday completes.
  • Weekly schedule returning next week since the semester will be over!
  • I just turned 24 today. Yay birthdays~
  • Good night!

25 thoughts on “Musings — Updates

      1. It is.

        Someone decided that he should buy some slaves it seems. He is cronically understaffed until quite a bit of time has passed after all.

          1. Would be interesting, not sure when that would happen though as the raws are still coming out regularly.

            Kehma just had a bit of a shock in the most recent chapter. Something about customs between humans and Dungeon Cores being different. possibly his translator function was messing with him. Next one will be amusing as he comes to a full realization…

            1. Lol, no spoils please~

              I’m reading along with my translations! But yeah, I’ve been keeping track of the JP releases. Subscribed to the RSS feed~

              1. Heh I know. Why I was vague about it, was something I had suspected by then anyways. The series always manages to amuse me.

  1. Thanks for all the hard work.

    Most annoying part of the images is that the phoenix is the wrong color. It is described as pure white to the point of shining, not white with some blue. Lesser phoenix have blue, Rokukos was hatched using pure dragons breath, it should not have any blue at all.

    Nice to see images of the 3 summoned girls. Nerune seems to have had her chest inflated a bit like most of the girls. Expected her to be a little larger then Niku, ended up about a cup size larger then expected.

    1. Yeah, looking at that part now… even checked the raw for the umpteenth time. Definitely white.

      Guess author-san changed it for the LN publication…?

      1. Might have been told that pure white was too boring or did not have any impact, or the artist didn’t understand. Would not be the first time the author described something and the illustrator didn’t draw it right.

        Series Dungeon Seeker, MC has a bad cut on hit wrist so he ties a cloth around his arm by up the armpit to apply indirect pressure before bandaging the wrist. Illustrator shows a bloody cloth up by his armpit with blood running down his arm, as it he had tied it to stop bleeding, instead of to reduce the bloodflow to a different injury.

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