Musings — Unreal Engine… is fun.

A long while ago, I mentioned that I would periodically show what I’ve been learning in Unreal Engine. It took quite a long time for me to get around to it, but I’ve recently been spending some time in the engine.

No images of the blueprints (visual code) this time, but I have three pretty cool (imo) examples of what I’ve done. Note that as these aren’t hard coded in and are meant to be expandable in the future, everything has been coded such that it is general as heck and uses inheritance to an… awesome degree.


Spline Tool — Smart Rotation

This first one is an example of me making a custom spline tool for placing objects in a predictable pattern, capable of turning a single plank into a bridge. This same tool can also be used for any mesh/applicable class instantiation that I want. For example, I could place an entire row of [Zeiks]… a model you’ll find out about in the future if you’re interested?


Random, Manual, and Automatic

The tool currently has the feature of allowing random rotation along z-axis (height) to reduce appearance of repeated textures, as well as manually changing the z-axis rotation if needed. Definitely have plans to expand this in the future to:

  • Allow for random meshes from a selection, for things such as quick debris placement.
  • Allow for random materials to be applied, or modify pre-existing textures (somehow) based on how the user (me) wants to.
  • Allow for user (me) to quickly set up alpha cards along surfaces in pseudo-random intervals with scattered positions relative to the normal map of the surface they are placed on (make use of line tracing).
  • … and more? Whenever I think more up. Splines are awesome and reduce the time needed to prepare areas by quite a lot.


Interaction By Proxy

Around an hour was spent figuring out how to interact with an object far away… turns out the solution was simple and I was overthinking it. That said, making it work in a way that ‘made sense’ with my design paradigm was incredibly important, so it took longer than just making a new thing that allowed for it directly. Inheritance and re-usability is king!


In essence, letting everyone know what I’ve been focusing on in my mostly-unrelated-to-reading-other hobby . Working on this game with an irl friend for experience and general enjoyment. We’ve both read extensively into the topic of game development theory as well as review practical application through people who work in the industry, so it’s fun to see how our own development goes.

If anyone’s interested in getting more frequent updates on this than once every month or two, he and I are planning on making a blog to record our progress more often and more extensively in. Make sure to look through next week’s Schedule post to find out more~

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