Musings – Sick(?)

Figured out that I’m going to be calling info updates and/or non-TL related posts [Musings]… because reasons.

Not sure if it’s because of stress or worry or something I ate or maybe this weather… or maybe all of the above. Idk, but I’ve felt fairly horrible the past few days and have barely translated. Upset stomach (and all that comes with that…) and very low-energy… yeah. Mainly been laying down doing nothing and going out of the house only when needed for job (and a bit of PoE). I’ll get the three guaranteed chapters out probably on Friday/Saturday. And yeah I realize I missed GCR/DB last week, next week I’ll be going those before LDM and they’ll both have two guaranteed chapters each.

Just a heads up on what’s going on and why there’s been nothing so far after last Saturday.

Hope everyone’s had a good week so far.

Cya in ~2 days.


28 thoughts on “Musings – Sick(?)

  1. Hope you feel better soon, use this to take a break. You’ve been working really hard recently so you could use one.

  2. Get well soon. Just be like kehma and sleep all day since you need alot of rest to get better faster

  3. Take care of yourself! If your stomach hurts, I’d make sure to stay hydrated if you have any excessive bowel movements. electrolytes help too if that’s the case. Just get some rest, rest will do the body wonders.

    As for if it’s stress related, sometimes it helps to get a punching bag to beat up XD

  4. Get well soon! Too bad you don’t have an adorable inumimi hugpillow to help with your healing.
    Just made myself feel bad since i dont have one either. 🙁

  5. Take care of yourself, Ziru! If you’re still feeling bad over the next few days, no need to TL, it’s no fun to read if it comes at the expense of your health.

    If you find yourself feeling dizzy for some reason, try sitting on a chair and putting your head between your knees. I find it helps a lot ^_^

    Also, stay hydrated!

  6. Well, that’s not very A-Musing~ xD

    Get it?

    Its because the word amusing has musings in- a forget it. I’m going to go and sit in a corner now to contemplate why I did this.

    Get well soon. 🙂

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