Musings – Rat vs Mouse


Something interesting occurred in the previous LDM chapter. It might not seem as such, but to me it was. So far, I assumed that the things Keima used to take down the red minotaur and scout Haku’s [White Trial] way back when were rats. Now, those of you with a bit of skill in Japanese will know that rats, ネズミ, share the word for mouse. Which of the two it means depends on context, usually defaulting on mouse. Even so, I went with rat as the way Keima was using them was in a swarm strategy and it seemed to fit the theme.


In the most recent chapter, a very small thing appeared: Elekimouse.

So I thought: are these actually mice? I went with it.

… but now we’re missing out on the legendary ‘Rat Race’!

What are everyone’s thoughts on the matter? Perhaps someone more familiar with the usage(s) of ネズミ could chime in with some insight on it?

If you just want to vote on it and not leave a comment (by all means, leave a comment explaining your thoughts if you have the time!):

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