Musings – My Banners

Again and again, I keep not getting around to putting up a page about my banners.

Well, here’s a super simple post to give everyone the originals for them~



(~’.’)~ Lookie Here ~(‘.’~)

cough I’ll make the actual page ‘later’ cough

14 thoughts on “Musings – My Banners

  1. Epic wallpaper material 😀 Much appreciated!

    And that “little match girl” pic is still sad as always….

        1. Wallhaven, Reddit, Google. Not sure why I’d have to be lucky though. Tons of great images all over the Internet

    1. Atleast one yes, the one that looks like Leafa from SAO. Can’t be sure if it’s only this cause I don’t spend enough time refreshing the site to cycle through banners XD.
      But ofcourse, this Pirate Yoshi is just gonna ignore us but oh well~

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