Musings — I’m Still Here

Heya everyone.

Still here, haven’t died or escaped or anything. My new college semester just came at me fast and I’ve been running about (figuratively and literally) for everything you can think of. Financial aid, class attendance itself, out-of-class-yet-still-mandatory-group-meetings, required supplies for presentations, etc.

I realize that I didn’t post any chapters last week… got most of the way through a Lazy Dungeon Master, but ran into a certain road block (term that the reader isn’t meant to understand but will be important later, in a currently unwritten chapter from the author) and after that I’ve just had a hard time working up the urge to translate. I should be back at it before this weekend, but I figured I should give everyone a head’s up now.

Random note: since it’s come to the point that I’ve had to start using a calendar app to track the stuff I have going on, I decided to also finally get back to tracking my calories. Fun stuff. Current TDEE is 2500, so limiting myself to 1900 but will be shooting for an average closer to 1800. Kind of stopped caring when real life punched me in the face two years ago (gigantic family drama, easily 9.3 on Richter scale) and it’s lead to unfortunate consequences.


Hope everyone’s had a good month so far!!!

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