Musings — I’m Still Here

Heya everyone.

Still here, haven’t died or escaped or anything. My new college semester just came at me fast and I’ve been running about (figuratively and literally) for everything you can think of. Financial aid, class attendance itself, out-of-class-yet-still-mandatory-group-meetings, required supplies for presentations, etc.

I realize that I didn’t post any chapters last week… got most of the way through a Lazy Dungeon Master, but ran into a certain road block (term that the reader isn’t meant to understand but will be important later, in a currently unwritten chapter from the author) and after that I’ve just had a hard time working up the urge to translate. I should be back at it before this weekend, but I figured I should give everyone a head’s up now.

Random note: since it’s come to the point that I’ve had to start using a calendar app to track the stuff I have going on, I decided to also finally get back to tracking my calories. Fun stuff. Current TDEE is 2500, so limiting myself to 1900 but will be shooting for an average closer to 1800. Kind of stopped caring when real life punched me in the face two years ago (gigantic family drama, easily 9.3 on Richter scale) and it’s lead to unfortunate consequences.


Hope everyone’s had a good month so far!!!


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  1. “but ran into a certain road block (term that the reader isn’t meant to understand but will be important later, in a currently unwritten chapter from the author) and after that I’ve just had a hard time working up the urge to translate.”

    Why does that sound like someone died in the latest chapters or something, thus making you lose the motivation….

    1. Nah it’s literally a term used in the chapter that isn’t meant to make sense to the reader. That said, because the raws haven’t explained it yet, I don’t really know how to translate it properly…

      1. Maybe then you could just leave it untranslated? Leave your best guess in the footnotes, then come back and edit it once more information is in the raws.

  2. Thanks for the update.
    Take your time and make sure you are not compromising something more important, like your health or education.

  3. hi, extra made an account to tell ya, don’t worry most times RL can really be bitch, i think we all understand that, so take some break when you feel that you need one. Better 2 chapter all 3 months than a burnout, you workaholic^^ 😊.
    Also its nice to hear from you and keep up your good work and your random musing i enjoy them all. thx buddy

  4. With regards to calorie restriction I should warn you that cold dieting/calorie restriction doesn’t really work as the body attempts to maintain homeostasis(i.e. the body weight it thinks is normal) thus if you under eat it puts nutrient absorption into overdrive for the bits you cut meaning as soon as the diet breaks you get it all back ASAP… Thus sadly exercise is needed to change weight efficiently rather than diet cuts.

    Well good luck with the semester and all your health/grades come before things like this so don’t over do it!

    1. Thermodynamics and gut microbiota are the main two players in bodyweight. Exercise plays a very small role for weight in the short-term (medium to long term, however, it’s major in passive calories/day usage). Example: A bowl of oatmeal (standard, non-health oriented) is ~250-300 calories. That’s a bit under an hour of jogging. 90% of weight control is in the kitchen, 10% extra is exercise. It’s a lot easier to just choose something different.

      Not to say exercise is bad, hell, it’s actually bad to NOT do it. Two or three pounds of muscle mass gained over the course of a month is incredibly easy and can add a lot of room to your everyday diet.

      I studied this crap in college before I decided to go with computer science… I know how to use it, just fell out of the practice of doing so.

      I really, really dislike broscience.

      I also really had trouble coming up with a way to respond without dissing you. Commenters are awesome and thank you for doing so!

      … And… I know this response probably won’t convince you, but this is me trying. Any amount of research into academia on the subject—that is, posted on something that ends in .edu or found in an academic journal rather than a random health website/magazine/etc that’s just trying to get views—will show you what I’m trying to get at.

      Yeahhh… I’ma go crawl back into my hole now. I’m bad at responding like this. >.>

  5. I’m too lazy to eat and don’t like eating so never got overweight, actually I got a lot underweight and still am. I’m 195cm and should weight close to 90kg, but I’m at 75 and ain’t managing to get more independent of what I do, and I tried a lot. At least I’m not anymore 62kg like a few years back…..yes I looked as if I lived in Ethiopia.

    My counsel would be to not eat fried food and also no meat outside the one you cook yourself. Oh and switch to things like german black bread and integral stuff, tastes worse, makes full –> you eat less quite easily.

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